Six Flags Season Pass: Everything That You Need to Know

A Season Pass is something that was recently added back to the Six Flags parks, but what is it?

In this page, we'll explain what a Six Flags Season Pass is, the differences between the various season passes, what perks they offer, how you can pay for it, and even which parks offer what passes.

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What is a Six Flags Season Pass?

A Six Flags Season Pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times throughout the 'season' in a year, on all days that are open to the public.

Some of the benefits certain passes include:

Types of Season Passes & Benefits

There are three types of Season Passes at Six Flags:

  1. Gold
  2. Platinum
  3. Diamond

    Differences Between Season Passes

    The Gold Pass is designed for visitors whose main priority is being able to visit the park consistently, and aren't too interested in additional perks.

    However the Gold Pass only grants you access up to September 4th, 2023, while the other passes give you access through December 31st, 2023.

    six flags season calendar

    The Platinum Pass has everything that the Gold pass has, plus additional perks such as a Skip the Line Pass & Specialty rate tickets.

    The Diamond Pass has everything that the Gold and Platinum Passes have, but the perks are larger in quantity, priority entry to parks, and larger quantities.

    It also offers access to all Six Flags outdoor parks.

    1. Gold Pass

    six flags gold pass


    • Free General Parking
    • Unlimited visits for the rest of 2022
    • Access to the Six Flags park up to 9/4/23
    • 5% Food and Merchandise Discounts 

    2. Platinum Pass

    six flags platinum pass


    • Free General Parking
    • Unlimited visits for the rest of 2022
    • Access to the Six Flags park up to 12/31/23
    • 15% Food and Merchandise Discounts 
    • Unlimited visits to the associated water park
    • 1 Skip the Line Pass
    • 2 Specialty rate friend tickets

    3. Diamond Pass

    six flags diamond pass


    • Free Preferred Parking
    • Unlimited visits for the rest of 2022
    • Access to the Six Flags park up to 12/31/23
    • 20% Food and Merchandise Discounts 
    • Unlimited visits to the associated water park
    • 4 Skip the Line Passes
    • 5 Specialty rate friend tickets
    • 50% Weekday Cabana discounts
    • Priority Entry

    Which Parks Offer Which Passes?

    It's important to know that not all Six Flags parks offer all three of these passes, as some only offer Platinum and Diamond passes.

    Below we list which Six Flags locations offer which passes.

    Six Flags Parks that offer all 3 Season Passes (Gold, Platinum and Diamond):

    • Magic Mountain
    • Discovery Kingdom
    • Six Flags Over Georgia
    • Great America
    • America
    • New England
    • St Louis
    • Great Adventure
    • Great Escape
    • Frontier City
    • Over Texas
    • Fiesta Texas
    • Hurricane Harbor Phoenix
    • Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

    Six Flags Parks that only offer Platinum and Diamond passes:

    • Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles
    • Hurricane Harbor Concord
    • Six Flags White Water
    • Hurricane Harbor Chicago
    • Hurricane Harbor Rockford
    • Hurricane Harbor New Jersey
    • Six flags Darien Lake
    • Hurricane Harbor OKC
    • Hurricane Harbor Arlington

    Monthly Payment Plan

    The Monthly payment plan, also known as 'FlexiblePay' is a payment plan that you can follow to pay for your Season passes.


    Rather than paying for the Season pass all at once, it allows you to have the flexibility to split up your payment over several months.

    You'll pay the same amount every month, for 6 consecutive months.

    You're not able to use Flexible Pay for a Gold Pass, you can only use it for the Platinum and Diamond passes.

    How it Works

    1. Select which Season Pass you want to purchase
    2. Input your contact and billing information
    3. Select which Upgrades you want (if none, click 'Continue')
    4. Review the Six Flags Season pass monthly payment on the screen
    5. Agree to terms
    6. Check out

    Double Check Before Checking Out

    The last checkbox says "I understand that all ticket sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges.", so make sure that you're purchasing the right pass, at the Six Flags location that you intend to visit.

    Pay in Full

    FlexiblePay isn't the only option however, as you can also choose to pay the full price instead.

    how to pay for six flags season pass

    You'll simply select 'I would like to pay for my Season Pass in full today' and you'll simply review the total amount and checkout (rather than review the monthly payment schedule and agree to those terms).

    How to Purchase a Season Pass

    You can purchase directly from the Six Flags site, you'll just simply enter which Six Flags location that you want to visit, and then click 'Season Pass'.

    six flags enter park location

    You can also purchase a Season Pass using the Six Flags app.

    buying six flags season pass on the six flags app

    When Should I Get a Season Pass

    If you're planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, a Season Pass may be a good option for you.

    A Gold Pass in particular, pays for itself in under 2 visits. 


    During checkout, you will be given an option to upgrade your pass with a variety of options (that will also last for the entire season) including:

    • Flash Pass - Skip the line for your favorite rides
    • Dining Plan - Grab meals from your favorite restaurants throughout the day
    • Season Drink Bottle - A Giant Refillable Cup at the park
    • Season Photo Pass - Ride photos, character meet & greets, front gate images, and more


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