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What is a Thrill Seeker Pass at Six Flags? | Easily Explained

Six Flags has many different types of pass options, that it can become overwhelming for a first time visitor to keep up.

In this page, we will explain what a Thrill Seeker pass is, and what benefits it provides.

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What is a Thrill Seeker Pass at Six Flags?

A Thrill Seeker pass at Six Flags is an annual pass, that last 12 full months and provides visitors access to a specific Six Flags pass, that park's water park, and additional benefits that we'll cover below.

six flags rides that a pass allows you to ride

It's important to know that this pass has blockout dates, which means that you are able to visit the park on any date, outside of those blockout dates.

This applies to both daily admission tickets, as well as annual passes.

Thrill Seeker Pass Benefits

A Thrill Seeker Pass has the following benefits:

  • Admission to a specific Six Flags park
  • Admission to that specific Six Flags park's water park
  • General Parking included with your pass
  • One Time Skip the Line privilege
  • Specialty Rate Friend tickets

Six Flags Magic Mountain Thrill Seeker Pass Benefits

To provide a better example, we've broken down all of the benefits that a Thrill Seeker pass has at a specific park, Six Flags Magic Mountain.

  • Access to Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Access to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (Water park)
  • General Parking Included with your pass
  • One Time Skip the Line privilege
  • 2 Specialty Rate Friend tickets

It's important to note that for this pass, the Skip the Line privilege is one time per year, not one time per visit.

Six Flags Moves Back to Season Passes

Earlier this year, Six Flags has decided to move away from the Annual pass, and revert back to their famous Season Pass.

We've created an entire guide on everything that the Six Flags Season pass offers, the types of passes available, which parks offer which passes, and much more.

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