Does Six Flags Take Cash? | Know Before You Go

In recent years, many businesses have changed the way they operate to minimize contact.

In this guide, we will explain the different types of payment options that Six Flags offers, and whether or not Six Flags takes cash.

    Does Six Flags Take Cash?

    All Six Flags parks currently do not accept cash as they have made a transition for guests to use cashless payment options.

    six flags cashless sign

    Guests will be able to use a 'Cash-to-Card Kiosk' in the park to load their cash into a pre-paid card that they will be able to use at the park.

    six flags cash to card kiosk

    How Does Cash to Card Kiosk Work?

    The Cash to Card Kiosk allows guests to transfer the cash that they have in hand, to a prepaid card.

    The prepaid card will allow them to use their money everywhere in the park.

    six flags readystation machine

    Unlike an ATM, where customers have to pay a fee to use it, there are no fees to convert your money to a prepaid card. 

    cash to card process

    Where Are the Cash-to-Card Kiosks Located?

      There are a dozen locations all spread out throughout the park, but all Cash to Card machines are located indoors.

      The easiest way to locate them is by looking at the Six Flags park map and finding the Cash to Card Kiosk Icon.

      For this example, we've used Six Flags Great America.

      cash to card kiosk icon at six flags

      Some of the most popular locations where the kiosks can be found in Great America include:

      • On Both Sides of the Main Gate
      • At Victory Lane
      • Antoine's
      • County Fair Mix it Up
      • The County Fair Food Court

      Cashless Options

      Minimum and Maximum Amount Allowed on the Card

      Minimum: $5

      Maximum: $500

      How to Check the Balance of My Card

      • At the kiosk
      • Online at
      • Calling the phone number that's on the back of the card

      Other than the prepaid cards, Six Flags also accepts the following as payment at the park:

      • VISA
      • Mastercard
      • Discover
      • American Express
      • Most Debit Cards
      • Apple Pay
      • Google Pay

      Frequently Asked Questions?

      Does Six Flags Accept Apple Pay?

      Most Six Flags Parks do accept Apple Pay. 

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