Cedar Point's Fast Lane Pass: Everything You Need to Know

A Fast Lane Pass is one of the most convenient passes at Cedar Point.

In this guide, we'll explain what a Fast Lane Pass is at Cedar Point, what it allows you to do, the types of Fast Lane Passes available, what rides they include, and where to buy them.

    What is a Cedar Point Fast Lane Pass?

    A Cedar Point Fast Lane Pass gives riders access to a separate and faster line, where riders can get to ride attractions much quicker than they would in regular lines.

    cedar point fast lane passes

    A Fast Lane Pass makes it easy for visitors to skip the lines and avoid the waiting part of a theme park experience.

    There are several types of Fast Lane Passes which we'll cover in a later section, and each one is an additional cost, meaning it's not included with admission.

    How Cedar Point's Fast Lane Pass Works

    Once a Fast Lane Pass has been purchased, riders will be given a wristband that will signify to park staff, that they have access to the Fast Lane line.

    Throughout the line, there will be various checkpoints where you will need to show your wristband to park staff, and ride operators.

    These checkpoints are normally at the beginning of the line and before boarding the ride.

    cedar point coaster

    Types of Fast Lane Passes at Cedar Point

    Cedar Point offers four types of Fast Lane Passes including:

    1. Fast Lane - Skip the Lines to Most Rides
    2. Fast Lane Plus - Skip the Lines to All Rides
    3. Season Long Fast Lane Plus - Skip the Lines to All Rides All Season
    4. Fright Lane - Skip the Lines to Haunted Mazes
    Cedar Point Fast Lane Differences

    Your Fast Lane Pass & Fast Lane Plus Pass will only be valid for one day, during your visit.

    1. Regular Fast Lane Pass

    cedar point regular fast lane pass

    A regular Fast Lane Pass allows you to skip most of the lines for rides at Cedar Point (and we cover below which rides).

    2 & 3. Fast Lane Plus Pass & Season Long Fast Lane Plus Pass

    cedar point fast lane plus pass

    A Fast Lane Plus allows you to skip the line for all of the rides in the park including the fan-favorite rides such as Maverick, Millennium Force, Steel Vengeance & Valravn.

    A Season Long Fast Lane Plus Pass works exactly like the Fast Lane Plus Pass, however, you can skip the lines to all rides for the entire season.

    cedar point fast lane plus season long

    This is the main reason why a Fast Lane Plus Pass will always be more expensive than a regular Fast Lane Pass.

    4. Fright Lane Pass

    cedar point fright lane pass

    A Fright Lane Pass is only offered near the Halloween Season for the HalloWeekends event.

    A Fright Lane Pass allows visitors to skip the lines to all of the Haunted Mazes including:

    1. Fearground Freak Show
    2. Bloodbath
    3. The Haunting of Eerie Estate
    4. Cornstalkers 2.0
    5. Midnight
    6. Slaughter House

    Rides Included With a Cedar Point Fast Lane Pass

    Millennium Force
    Steel Vengeance
    Antique Cars
    Blue Streak
    Giant Wheel
    Magnum XL-200
    Pipe Scream
    Power Tower
    Snake River Falls
    Wave Swinger
    Atomic Scrambler
    Cadillac Cars
    Lake Erie Eagles

    When Should I Get a Fast Lane Pass?

    Skip Waiting In Lines

    If you're not a fan of waiting in lines and are looking to ride the most rides possible in the shortest period, a Fast Lane pass will be a great fit for you.

    The nice thing about this pass is that you're able to get back in line immediately after riding as well.


    If you've ever waited in a regular line, there's a good chance that you have seen Fast Lane riders ride the ride multiple times, before you've been able to ride it once.

    Traveling With Kids

    One of the most difficult parts of being at a theme park with kids is having to stand in lines.

    Most kids don't have the patience to stand in lines, and honestly, it just isn't very fun to stand around in general.

    When Should I Not Get a Fast Lane Pass?

    If you don't mind waiting in lines, or you are visiting during less busy times such as a weekday, it may not make the most sense as the ride wait times will more than likely be minimal.

    cedar point kids

    Price Can Vary Depending On the Day & Season

    Prices aren't the same for each day and are typically more expensive on the weekends.

    You'll want to click through the Fast Lane Calendar to see the different pricing options available.

    Is a Fast Lane Pass Included With Admission?

    No. A Fast Lane Pass is an additional cost and visitors will still need a Cedar Point ticket to access the park.

    In short, you are not able to use a Fast Lane pass without an admission ticket.

    Fast Lane Passes Can Sell Out

    Fast Lane Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis, which means that during the busier seasons, it's not uncommon to sell out as they are extremely popular.

    Where to Buy a Fast Lane Pass

    You can purchase a Fast Lane Pass directly from the Cedar Point site, or at the park in person.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Fast Lane Worth it at Cedar Point?

    Fast Lane is absolutely worth it at Cedar Point if you don't want to wait in lines, and would like to get the most out of your day. 

    This Pass gives you access to the faster line, and at times you can even ride the ride multiple times before the regular line can ride it once.

    How Much Time Does a Fast Lane Pass Save at Cedar Point?

    On busier days, ride wait times can be over 1-2 hours for just one ride.

    Even if you just used a Fast Lane Pass for one ride for the entire day, you'd have saved yourself an hour.

    To put this into perspective, there are currently 28 rides that you can use this pass on.

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