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The Best Time to Go to Cedar Point | Easily Explained

In this page we'll go over the best day to go to Cedar Point, the best time of the day to visit, the best months to visit & even the worst months to visit along with reasons why.

cedar point best time

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Best Day to Visit

The best days to visit Cedar Point are Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekdays in general are typically much less crowded and visitors from all over the world plan their trips around the weekend.


Out of state visitors usually arrive on Thursdays, stay for the weekend, and then leave on a Monday.

By going to the parks on Monday-Wednesday, you'll be able to avoid most of the crowds that can fill up the park quickly.

This means less waiting in lines, and more experiencing the actual park.

Dealing With Lines

The toughest part about any theme park is dealing with waiting in lines.

You can avoid dealing with this altogether by investing in a Cedar Point Fast Lane pass.

fast lane cedar point


A Fast Lane pass allows you to skip the regular line to certain attractions.

Once you have purchased a pass, you will receive a wristband that grants you access to the fast lane line.

Best Time of Day to Visit

The best time of the day to visit Cedar Point is hands down as soon as the park opens! Cedar Point varies in their opening hours throughout the year.

Depending on the weather and season, they can open at 12 pm, 2 pm, or even 7 pm.  You'll want to double check their hours prior to visiting the park.


Most theme parks don't completely fill up until the afternoon rolls around. This gives you a window of opportunity to enjoy the park with less crowds for a few hours. 

Best Months to Visit


Anytime that you're able to see green in the crowd calendar, it's a great month to visit.

That is precisely the case with September. Additionally, the average temperature ranges between 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Underrated Month to Visit


may cedar point

May can fluctuate in different crowd levels, but it's definitely worth visiting especially if you're able to sneak a weekday visit in.

Additionally, the average temperature around this time is a cool 70 degrees.

Worst Month to Visit

July is normally one of the busiest times of the year.

Take one look at the crowd calendar for a Saturday in July, and you'll immediately want to reconsider visiting on another month.

cedar point july calendar

A packed park means longer lines, longer wait, and less experiencing. If you're able to avoid July, it can be very beneficial to your overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Day of the Week to go to Cedar Point?

The best day of the week to visit Cedar Point is tied between Tuesday and Wednesday. The kids will be in school during the week, the adults will be at work, and most visitors don't plan their vacation during the week. This leaves a perfect opportunity for guests to have emptier parks during these two days.

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