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Does Cedar Point Sell Alcohol? | Easily Explained

Many guests often wonder if they are able to purchase alcoholic beverages at the park.

In this page, we will explain whether or not Cedar Point sells alcohol, where they sell it, and even places where you can drink near the park.

Does Cedar Point Sell Alcohol


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Does Cedar Point Sell Alcohol?

Yes, Cedar Point does sell alcohol at various locations of the park. The most popular spot to grab a drink at the park is the Red Garter Saloon, located across Panda Express. There are also drinks available at Hotel Breakers, 5 minutes from the park, as well as tours at an additional cost that include alcoholic beverages.

Some of the other locations include:

  • Frontier Town
  • Frontier Trail Bar
  • Melt
  • Chickie and Pete's

Additionally, when the Frontier Festival is in season, there will also be several beer stations scattered throughout the park.

Can You Walk Around With Beer?

You're able to walk around the park with beer, and even lines to rides, however you're not able to take them into rides.

There is normally a sign in the line that lets guests know that 'No drinks are allowed past this point'.

At that point of the line, guests must finish their drinks or throw them away in the garbage bin (normally located under or next to the sign) before passing the sign.

Know About Hotel Breakers

When Cedar Point closes, a very popular spot for guests to head to is Hotel Breakers, only a 5 minute walk from the park.

hotel breaker cedar point

Souce: Cedar Point

At Surf Lounge in particular, they offer delicious drinks, and a very relaxing environment.

You'll find many visitors with a drink in hand, talking around the fire pits, while listening to the waves break on the beach.

It's a perfect place to cool down after a long day at the park.

Know About the Boardwalk Cruiser Tours

Another way that you can drink near the park are through tours.

Boardwalk Cruiser Tours are tours where visitors can experience a relaxing pedicab cruise along the Boardwalk and Lighthouse Point.

There are different types of tours, and each tour offers a different type of experience as far as drinks and length of the tour.

The tours include:

  • Rise and Shine Tours - Pitcher of Mimosa & Pastries
  • Wine Tours - Bottle of Wine, Cheese, Meat, Fruit Tray
  • Bike & Brew Tours - 4 Bottles of Beer & Salty Snacks

Know About the Frontier Festival

The Frontier Festival is a street festival that occurs for a period of a few weeks every year, normally in the May-June timeframe.

This street festival features delicious food, drinks, live bands, character entertainment, activities, & games.

Guests will be able to taste their way around town and sip on 8 oz. samples of craft brews, spiked seltzers and signature cocktails, or enjoy hearty portions of more than 20 specialty food items at this outdoor event. 

Something to keep in mind is that if you plan on riding rides after drinking, that you're aware of your limits.

Guests must behave according to Cedar Point's code of conduct, as the park is a family environment.

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