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All Cedar Point Parking Options: Explained

Cedar Point offers a few different types of parking options for guests.

In this page, we'll explain exactly what every parking option offers, how they are different from one another, and where you can purchase it.

Available Parking Options at Cedar Point

all cedar point parking options

There are two types of parking options at Cedar Point including:

  1. General/Single Day Parking - ($30)

  2. Preferred Parking  - ($40)

1. General Parking/Single Day Parking)

cedar point general single day parking

General Parking (also known as Single Day Parking) allows you to park in the regular parking lot for the day (in no specific spot), on a first-come, first-served basis.

The later that you arrive at the park for the day, the further away that you will be parked from the entrance.

Single Day Parking is consistently $30 year-round, for one car, motorcycle, or RV/Camper.

2. Preferred Parking

cedar point preferred parking

Preferred Parking provides you a closer parking spot to the entrance of the park in an exclusive Preferred Parking lot area, at a higher cost ($40) than General Parking.

Preferred Parking is a very popular option for guests who plan to arrive to the park several hours after the park has opened, but don't want to be stuck all the way at the far back area of the parking lot.

However Preferred Parking is subject to availability, and may not be offered to guests for purchase once the Preferred Parking lot is full.

Upgrading to Preferred Parking is An Option

If you find yourself in a situation where you've already purchased a General Parking Pass ahead of time, but later on decide that you'd like to purchase Preferred Parking instead, you can do so at any parking toll booth.

Upon your arrival (and before parking your vehicle), you can inform the parking attendants that you've already purchased a General Parking Pass and want to upgrade to a Preferred Parking Pass.

The staff will quickly help you upgrade your parking pass, and then ask you for a payment method to pay off the difference in cost (and now remaining balance).

Where to Buy a Cedar Point Parking Pass

You can purchase your parking pass directly from the Cedar Point App, Cedar Point site, or in person at the parking toll booth upon your arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Leave the Parking Lot And Come Back?

Yes, as long as you're able to show your original receipt of your parking purchase, you'll be able to leave the park and come back.

How Can I Get Free Parking at Cedar Point?

If you're a Cedar Point Season Pass holder parking is already included with your Season Pass (Gold Pass & Prestige Pass). 

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