5 Best Rides in Animal Kingdom That You Can't Miss

In this guide we will list out the best rides that Animal Kingdom offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides!

expedition everest

Table of Contents

  1. Avatar Flight of Passage
  2. Kilimanjaro Safari
  3. Expedition Everest
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Na'vi River Journey

1. Avatar Flight of Passage

Grab a pair of 3D glasses and strap on to your banshee, as this will certainly be an adventure.

This 3D flying simulator ride will take you on top of a winged mountain banshee, and you'll fly around at high speeds and sharp turns through the moon.

This ride begins by flying you through stars & galaxies until you've made it to the World of Pandora.

Riders will get right into it as they experience the first nose dive drop, seconds after entering this new world.

It will genuinely feel as if you're in this actual world. The best part is that you don't have to have watched the movie in order to enjoy the ride.

You'll immediately appreciate how much work has been put into this ride, once you've taken one look at the scenery from the first drop.


4.5 minutes.

avatar flight of passage

Fun Facts

As a rider, you'll be able to smell the sea, feel the breeze, the small water droplets and you'll feel the creature breathing under you.

Everything on this ride as far as footage is completely original. In fact, the Executive producer further explained below: 

Everything you see in the attraction’s main show was original to this production. We were fortunate to be able to use the model and texture assets from the first film during our templating/visualization process. We were also able to use animation cycles for our [background] characters.

2. Kilimanjaro Safari

A trip to Animal Kingdom is not complete without a visit to the Kilimanjaro Safari.

This safari ride will simulate a ride through the East African Savanna, as you'll travel through the 110 acre area.

Some of the animals you'll see include cheetahs, lions, rhinos, hippos, okapis, giraffes, and even crocodiles.

Your tour guide will take you through different spots throughout the ride, point out animals and provide riders with interesting facts about each of the 34 species of animals.

They are trained to have a sharp eye, in order to see animals that guests normally miss. 

kilimanjaro safari

Secret Tip

Ride when it's raining!

If you can't ride in the morning, you'll definitely want to ride while it is raining. The animals will typically be more active and walking around, and you may even see elephants playing in the mud!

We've written detailed tips specifically for Animal Kingdom, just like these. 


22 minutes.

Fun Facts

This is one of the few rides in the world where you can see dozens of wild African animals in one ride.

3. Expedition Everest

If you're a fan of roller coasters, this is a must-ride. It will take riders through the icy Himalayan mountains but there's one kicker... 

There's a legendary monster that undoubtedly is not a fan of visitors.

This ride begins by climbing a 200 foot mountain peek, and once you've made it to the top, riders will begin speeding through icy caves.

The ride really begins once you arrive to the portion of the ride where the tracks are completely broken, and your only option is to go backwards.


2 minutes 50 seconds.

expedition everest

Fun Facts

This ride will go forwards AND backwards. If you've never gone backwards on a roller coaster, even when you know it is coming, it is still always a thrilling experience.

4. Dinosaur

Hop inside the rover and get ready to travel back in time, through the Cretaceous period.

This dark ride will take riders through quite an experience, as they drive within several feet of giant dinosaurs.

Throughout the ride, the 'tracker' will be on their lookout to find a specific dinosaur, and on the way riders may run into trouble, so brace yourself!

This unpredictable ride will truly keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to admire the dinosaurs, while at the same time keeping a look out for the dangerous ones!


3 minutes 5 seconds.

dinosaur animal kingdom

Fun Facts

This ride used to be known as Countdown to Extinction.

Dinosaur is a very loud ride, which gives it an even more realistic feel.

5. Na'vi River Journey

This is easily one of the most underrated rides at Animal Kingdom. 

This slow moving ride showcases the amazing advanced visuals, along with audio-animatronic characters.

Riders will experience the different bioluminescent environment and animals, that are located underground through the Kasvapan River of Pandora.

There are many layers that your eyes will try to sort through at each point of the ride. It's a very visually complex ride, and you can truly see how much effort was put into it to make it successful.

It's a perfect ride to sit back, and enjoy.


5 minutes.

navi river journey animal kingdom

Fun Facts

The end of the ride showcases the most advanced Audio Animatronics figure Imagineering has ever created.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Ride First at Animal Kingdom?

Riding the Kilimanjaro Safari as soon as the park opens will give you a huge advantage. You'll be able to skip dealing with long lines, and you'll also avoid the afternoon heat. 

Another great alternative to ride first is riding Avatar Flight of Passage. This is one of the most popular rides at the park, and by knocking it out earlier in the day, you can spend the rest of your day experiencing the park rather than waiting.

Which Avatar Rides is Better at Animal Kingdom?

Avatar Flight of Passage is the best Avatar ride at Animal Kingdom. Na'vi River Journey is a more laid back, visually-centric ride (still a very good ride), where as Flight of Passage is an immersive 3D action packed ride.

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