Where Can You Buy Alcohol in Magic Kingdom? | Everything to Know

Contrary to popular belief, Alcohol is served in Magic Kingdom!

In this page we'll go over where you can buy alcohol in Magic Kingdom, the types of drinks that are served, why it was a popular belief that it wasn't served, and the history of alcohol at the parks.

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History of Alcohol at the Park

When Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, alcohol was not allowed in the premises of the park. As the years passed, other Disney parks began serving it, but Magic Kingdom did not budge.

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It wasn't until 2012 that alcohol was finally allowed to be sold at the parks. Even then, it is only offered in certain areas of the park.

Why it Wasn't Allowed

Walt himself, actually preferred visitors to enjoy the park experience without the consumption of alcohol. 

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In fact he was quoted as saying:

No liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings in a rowdy element. That brings people that we don't want, and I feel they don't need it

to the Saturday evening post in 1956.

Where You Can Buy Alcohol in Magic Kingdom

At Table Service Restaurants! That is Disney's term that simply means 'Sit-down Restaurant'.

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In these restaurants, you'll sit down, be handed a menu, be served by a staff member, and you'll pay for your food at your table once you're done eating.

These table service restaurants now require a reservation. You can reserve a spot through their Dining site, My Disney Experience app, or even by calling 407-939-3463 (they open at 7 am EST).

Table Service Reservations

If you forget to book a reservation, you can test your luck by walking up to the hostess stand and seeing if they're taking walk-in's. There's a slight chance that it'll work, and always worth a shot in case that someone canceled or no-showed.

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Btw if you no-show or cancel your reservation after 11:59 pm on the day before your arrival, you'll pay a $10 cancellation fee.

Restaurants Where You Can Buy Alcohol

It's important to know that alcohol menus vary by restaurant, so you'll want to look at their menu prior to sitting down. Additionally, most restaurants vary by time of day.

The breakfast menu will normally be different than the dinner menu.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

This was actually the first restaurant that allowed alcohol to be served at the park, when it opened in 2012.

cinderellas royal table magic kingdom


Beer, wine, cider & champagne.

Cinderella's Royal Table

Dine inside the actual Cinderella Castle during this one-of-a-kind Fairytale Dining experience.

cinderellas royal table magic kingdom


Beer, wine & champagne.

The Crystal Palace

Dine right on Main Street in this beautiful Victorian themed restaurant.

the crystal palace magic kingdom


Beer, wine & specialty cocktails

Liberty Tree Tavern

Dine in a colonial inspired restaurant that serves traditional New England options.

liberty tree tavern magic kingdom


Beer, wine, cider & specialty cocktails.

The Plaza Restaurant

The Plaza Restaurant between Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom park serves salads, sandwiches, burgers and ice cream fountain treats.

plaza restaurant magic kingdom


Beer & wine.

Jungle Navigation Co


Beer, wine & specialty cocktails.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Where the Lady and the Tramp had their first kiss! Dine right where history was made in this fantastic Italian restaurant.

tonys town square restaurant magic kingdom


Beer & wine.

Club 33 Offers Alcohol

Although Table Service Restaurants are the only places that most people are able to purchase alcohol from, those who have a Club 33 membership can purchase alcohol there as well.

Club 33 is an exclusive members only private dining club that is actually located inside of Walt Disney World. The only way to obtain access into this club is to be a member yourself, or be a guest of a member.