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Top 5 Magic Kingdom Rides | Explained

In this guide we will list out the top rides that Magic Kingdom offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides!

big thunder mountain railroad

Table of Contents

  1. Haunted Mansion
  2. Space Mountain
  3. Splash Mountain
  4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean

1. Haunted Mansion

As one of the true classic rides that originally opened in 1971, it is arguably even more popular today.

This ride allows riders to hop inside of 'Doom Buggies' and experience the walk-through in the vehicle through the Haunted Mansion.

Riders will begin by navigating through the dark corridors featuring scary paintings, before moving on to dark rooms such as the library.

Eventually they will make their way above the ball room, where ghosts can be seen dancing.

Then, riders will take a stroll through the cemetery, and that's where the real fun begins. 


Around 7 minutes.

haunted mansion magic kingdom

Fun Facts

Parts of this ride use spectral Audio-animatronics and theatrical effects, which are a big part of their success with the real-life ghosts.

2. Space Mountain

Space Mountain is absolutely one of the most unique experiences that you'll ever do.

It's a space-themed coaster, where through the majority of the ride, riders are flying through high speeds in the dark.

The only thing that you'll be able to see are the 'stars' from other planets, as you twist and turn your way through space.

The ride begins by entering a futuristic tunnel, where the lights move forwards to backwards in a rapid pattern.

After that, riders will slowly ride by a space shuttle, and that's when the real ride begins, as riders are launched into darkness.


2 minutes 30 seconds.

space mountain magic kingdom

Fun Facts

Space Mountain opened almost 50 years ago.

3. Splash Mountain

Another ride that has been a fan favorite for decades, Splash Mountain is something that you just can't miss.

Riders will hop inside of a log to begin the ride, and will float on the water as they are taken on an indoor and outdoor adventure.

Although everyone knows about the massive fall that this ride has, Splash Mountain does a great job of keeping riders on the edge of their seats.

There are several times where the build up of the climb seems like it's time for the massive fall, only for the ride to turn a different direction.

Riders will be exposed to plenty of scenery, along with music playing throughout the duration of the ride.

At one point, your furry animal friends will sing some classics for you prior to wishing you good luck.


11 minutes 45 seconds.

splash mountain magic kingdom

Fun Facts

This is one of the few rides that will take riders both indoors and outdoors for minutes at a time.

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Another 'Mountain' ride? That's right.

A unique Mine Train Roller coaster that takes riders through the 1800's in the middle of the gold rush.

Riders will be exposed to small mine towns, the inside of a mountain, the top of a mountain, and everything in between.

This ride will take riders through several different environments in a short period of time, never allowing guests to anticipate where they'll visit next.

It reaches speeds of up to 36 miles per hour.


Around 3 minutes.

big thunder mountain railroad magic kingdom

Fun Facts

This is one of the best themed rides at the park, as it does a great job of immersing riders into history from several decades ago.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

If you're looking for a ride where you can kick back and relax on the water, look no further.

This is easily one of the most immersive rides, as the moment that you hop on the boat you will notice the distinct 'smell'. The atmosphere is a mixture of water, pirates, and even the soft banjo playing in the background.

This ride will take you through the voyage of a certain group of pirates, and their adventures and troubles.

Some pirates will even end up locked up, and you'll always remember them as those whistling at the dog (who has the keys), while offering an old bone.

You'll want to make sure that you're extra careful about following the rules as you don't want to end up in Davy Jones' locker.


8 minutes 30 seconds.

pirates of the caribbean magic kingdom

Fun Facts

Riders who have experienced this ride, will always mention the distinct smell that is unmistakably associated with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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