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In this page, we will cover whether or not there is a Six Flags in New York, the next closest Six Flags to New York, and other attractions available in this location.

Is There a Six Flags in New York

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Is There a Six Flags in New York?

Yes, there is a Six Flags in New York known as the Great Escape, that is located in Queensbury, New York. It is a 351 acre park with 35 attractions, that also features a water park, Hurricane Harbor. Hurricane Harbor features 10 rides of its own.

Additionally, they offer the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge, which is an Adirondack-themed lodge featuring 200 guest suites and an indoor waterpark.

If you're visiting the Great Escape park, 'Comet' is a must-do ride, as it is hands down the best ride at the park. 

Another unique aspect of this park is the park layout.

Unlike most park where they are shaped in a circle or oval, Great Escape is shaped more like a star.

This makes it easy to split the park up into sections to do throughout the day, but it also includes plenty of backtracking. 

Second Closest Park to New York

The next closest Six Flags to that is Six Flags Great Adventure located in Jackson, New Jersey.

Six flags great escape to six flags great adventure

The term 'closest' is used loosely, as it is still about a 4 hour drive away from Great Escape.

Great Adventure also features a water park in the form of Hurricane Harbor, but it's an absolutely massive park at 510 acres, and 58 total attractions.

In fact, it's the second largest theme park in the world, second to Animal Kingdom.

One of the unique aspects of this park is that a decade ago, it combined their park with the Wild Safari animal park, to form the massive park that it is known as today.

How Many Parks Are in New York?

There are 11 main theme parks in New York, and the majority of them can be found below.

The list includes:

  • Legoland New York
  • Splish Splash
  • Enchanted Forest Water Safari
  • SeaBreeze Amusement Park
  • Darien Lake
  • Adventureland
  • Luna Park Coney Island
  • Zoom Flume
  • Playland Amusement Park
  • Splashdown Beach
  • Roseland Water Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Does New York have an Amusement Park?

New York has a variety of amusement parks including a Six Flags park (Great Escape). The most recently opened theme park is Legoland New York, that took a total of 4 years to build.

Is Six Flags in Other States?

Six Flags can be found all over the country including states such as California, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Missouri, Maryland, Illinois, and Texas. The Six Flags park is a very popular park in the United States, but it has also expanded internationally in recent years.

What is the Biggest Six Flags in America?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Six Flags Great Adventure is not only the largest Six Flags, but it is the second largest theme park in the world at a staggering size of 510 acres. This was due to the merging of the Wild Safari Animal park several years back. 

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