What Are Blockout Dates at a Theme Park? | Easily Explained

Blockout Dates are mentioned in many admission tickets at almost every theme park in the world.

In this page, we will explain what Blockout Dates mean for theme parks, and what else be aware of.

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What Are Blockout Dates at a Theme Park?

Blockout dates at a theme park means that you are able to visit the park on any date, outside of those blockout dates. This applies to both daily admission tickets, as well as annual passes.

blocked out dates at a theme park

There are typically more expensive annual passes that you can purchase (or upgrade to), that do not have blockout dates.

Blockout Date Example

If you purchase an annual pass such as a Thrill Seeker Annual pass at Six Flags Magic Mountain, there are multiple blockout dates in both September (9/10) and October (10/1).

If those two dates were the only blockout dates, as a visitor, you would be able to visit the park on every day of the year, except for 9/10 and 10/1.

Disney's Blockout Dates Are Different

For Disney parks, blockout dates are a little bit different, as guests have to make a reservation prior to going to the park.

Rather than being able to not enter the park, passholders won't even be able to make a park reservation for those blockout dates. 

See the Terms of Your Pass

You'll always want to make sure that you read the terms and conditions of your pass, to ensure that you know if your pass has blockout dates, and if so, when they are.

If you questions about the terms, you can always visit or contact Guest Services (or Guest Relations) of that theme park and they will be happy to assist you.

When Do Blockout Dates Usually Occur?

Blockout Dates usually occur on holidays and/or special events where the park will hold limited time events.

Common blockout dates include near:

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day

Around Halloween, parks such as Universal Studios will decorate the entire park in a Halloween theme, to get ready for Halloween Horror Nights.

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