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In this page we'll go over what a Six Flags Flash Pass is, how it works, the perks that it offers, the different types of passes, and if it's worth it.

    What is a Six Flags Flash Pass?

    A Six Flags Flash pass provides visitors access to a separate and quicker line for the most popular rides. The entrance will either lead to a different line, or allow you to cut the regular line.

    flash pass entrance

    An employee will scan the Flash Pass to confirm your reservation, and then you can enjoy your ride with little to no wait time.

    This essentially acts as a fast pass for the parks, as you'll spend less time waiting in lines, and more time riding the actual rides.

    Is It Included With Admission

    No. A Flash Pass is a separate cost, and requires a park admission in order to be able to use it.

    Flash Pass With an Annual Pass

    For those considering a Six Flags Annual pass, you should know that you are able to purchase the Flash Pass for the entire season as an add-on.

    This means that you can skip the lines for an entire year with The Flash Pass on any regular operating day at your specific Six Flags (the term of your associated Annual Pass).

    How Does it Work?

    The Park provides you with a touch screen watch that provides you access to the quicker lines, and you will also use this watch to reserve your spot on rides.

    flash pass watch

    From this watch you will be able to see what rides you have reserved, change your reservations to another ride, or even cancel your reservation for a ride.

    After you've reserved a ride, in the watch you'll see the wait time for the ride.

    You'll then receive a notification through the watch whenever your ride is ready.

    Wait times will vary depending on which version of the Flash Pass you've chosen, and how busy the park is.

    Types of Flash Passes

    There are three types of Flash passes, and you'll have a different experience depending on which one you decide to purchase.

    Platinum will offer the least amount of wait, but will also be the most expensive.

    On the other hand, Bronze will still provide you a faster experience, but not as much as the Platinum, and the Bronze pass will also be the cheapest Flash Pass.

    Platinum Pass

    flash pass platinum pass

    Up to 90% faster than the current wait time.
    Most Expensive.

    Gold Pass

    gold flash pass
    Up to 60% faster than the current wait time.

    Bronze Pass

    bronze flash pass
    Up to 25% faster than the current wait time.
    Least Expensive.

    Daily Price Changes

    How Much is the Flash Pass at Six Flags?

    It's important to know that the Flash Pass varies in price depending on which day that you decide to go.

    The factors boil down to the season (is it a busier time of the year for the park or slower?), and whether it is a weekday or a weekend (weekdays tend to be slower).

    six flags flash pass price weekday

    The slower times will generally be cheaper, whereas the busier times will be more expensive.

    six flags flash pass weekend

    As you can see from the pictures above, the first picture was the price for a weekend, whereas the second picture is the price for a weekday. That's a $10 difference for each pass.

    If you're traveling to the park in a group, that can quickly add up.

    Head over to the Six Flags site to get a price on a Flash Pass, on the day that you're planning to visit.

    All Season Flash Pass

    If you're a Six Flags season pass holder, you should know that there are All Season Flash Passes available.

    Being able to skip the line at your favorite rides every time that you visit, is one of the best experiences that you can have at any theme park.

    six flags all season flash pass

    Only the Platinum and Gold passes are available for the entire season.

    Flash Pass Process

    1. Purchase the Flash Pass online directly from the Six Flags site.
    2. Print your Flash Pass voucher
    3. Once you arrive at the park, head to the Flash Pass sales center (or Guest Services) to retrieve your watch
    4. Enjoy your favorite rides with minimal to no wait time
    5. Return the watch before leaving the park

    Flash Pass Important Information

    Don't Lose the Watch

    If you lose the Flash Pass watch that was provided to you, you will have to pay a $70 fee to replace it.

    So.. Make sure that you have the watch strapped on tightly! 

    Finding the Flash Pass Entrance

    If you've never used a Flash Pass before, you should know that finding the entrance can be a bit challenging at times.

    If you're unsure where to go, don't hesitate to ask a park attendant to point you to the right area.

    Non Refundable

    It's very important to know that once you've purchased a Flash Pass, you can't return it, or receive a refund.

    You'll want to ensure that you're well informed prior to making a decision to purchase this pass, as well as be sure that you're available to go to the park on the date that you've chosen.

    Pro Tip

    After you've reserved your ride, and you've walked over to the ride, and checked in with the ride attendant, immediately reserve your next ride!

    By the time you've exited your current ride, and begin walking over, you'll receive a notification (through your watch) that your next ride is ready to go.

    Is a Flash Pass Worth It?

    If you're visiting on a weekend, especially during the busier months of the year, a Flash Pass is absolutely worth it.

    When the park is busy, ride wait times can be several hours. You can avoid dealing with that by investing in a Flash Pass.

    If you're visiting on a weekday, a Flash Pass may not be worth it as ride wait times are traditionally much shorter.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Is the Flash Pass for One Person?

    Yes, each person has to pay the full price for their own Flash Pass.

    If you have a group of 5 people, all 5 people will have to pay for their own Flash Pass, and each person will receive their own Flash Pass watch.

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