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2024 Six Flags Flash Pass Guide: All You Need to Know

A Flash Pass is one of the most popular passes at every Six Flags park.

In this guide, we'll explain what a Six Flags Flash Pass is, the different Flash Pass options offered, how to reserve rides, and whether or not it's worth it.

    What is a Six Flags Flash Pass?

    A Six Flags Flash Pass is an additional cost that provides one visitor access to a separate, and quicker Flash Pass line to avoid waiting in long lines to the most popular rides.

    six flags flash pass wristband at entrance of ride

    Types of Flash Passes Available at Six Flags

    There are four types of Flash Passes offered at Six Flags including:

    1. Standard Flash Pass - Holds Your Place in Line Virtually

    2. Premium Flash Pass  - Cuts Your Wait in Half 

    3. Ultimate Flash Pass - Immediate Access to the Priority Boarding Lane

    4. All-Season Flash Pass - Skip the Lines For the Entire Season

    A mobile device is required to use a Flash Pass, as that's where you'll reserve your rides from.

    1. Standard Six Flags Flash Pass (1-Day)

    six flags x2 flash pass entrance sign

    The Standard Flash Pass works as a virtual placeholder, allowing you to avoid having to physically stand in the ride line, and instead only showing up to the ride once you receive an app notification.

    If the ride wait time is 30 minutes, you'll still wait the full 30 minutes, however, you can continue exploring the park until you are notified that it's your turn to ride.

    The app will notify you at the 30-minute mark that you may now head to the Flash Pass line for the ride you reserved.

    2. Premium Six Flags Flash Pass (1-Day)

    The Premium Flash Pass is up to 50% faster than the normal wait time at the regular line.

    If the wait time for a ride is 30 minutes, the Premium Pass reduces that time in half, allowing you to only need to wait 15 minutes before getting on a ride.

    six flags flash pass entrance

    3. Ultimate Six Flags Flash Pass (1-Day)

    The Ultimate Flash Pass is the most expensive Flash Pass, eliminating waits completely by granting you immediate access to the priority boarding lane.

    six flags great adventure superman ride entrance

    4. All Season Six Flags Flash Passes (Season)

    An All Season Flash Pass allows Pass holders to skip the lines to rides for the entire season (and requires a valid Six Flags Season Pass).

    Rather than only being valid for one day, this Flash Pass lasts for the entire season, as long as your Season Pass is valid.

    six flags all season flash pass options

    There are 3 types of All Season Flash Passes available including:

    1. All-Season Premium Flash Pass - 50% Less Waiting For the Season

    2. All-Season Ultimate Flash Pass  - Immediate Access to the Priority Boarding Lane

    3. All-Season National Ultimate Flash Pass - Immediate Access to the Priority Boarding Lane multiple Six Flags parks

    Eligible Six Flags Locations to Use the National Ultimate Flash Pass include:

    1. Magic Mountain
    2. America
    3. Discovery Kingdom
    4. Fiesta Texas
    5. Great America
    6. Great Adventure
    7. La Ronde
    8. New England
    9. Over Georgia
    10. Over Texas
    11. St. Louis
    12. White Water

    How Does a Six Flags Flash Pass Work?

    1. Purchase the Flash Pass
    2. Create an Account (If you haven't already)
    3. Link Your Wristband Number to Your Account in the App
    4. Receive Your Wristband
    5. Start Reserving Rides & Skipping Lines

    1. Purchase the Flash Pass

    Visitors can purchase the Flash Pass directly from the Six Flags App, and redeem their wristband at the Flash Pass Headquarters once at the park, or at a ride entrance that uses Flash Pass.

    Visitors can also wait to purchase their Flash Pass in person inside the Flash Pass headquarters.

    six flags flash pass headquarters

    After purchasing Flash Passes using both methods, unless you have questions, we'd recommend purchasing the pass directly from the app as it's a much faster process.

    We do want to point out that some Six Flags parks direct visitors to a separate Flash Pass site instead of the app, but aside from this the booking process remains the same.

    line inside the six flags flash pass headquarter

    In the event that you do have questions, walk into the Flash Pass headquarters, and the staff will walk through you step by step of purchasing and linking your Flash Pass. 

    2-4. Create an Account & Link Your Flash Pass to Your Account

    You'll be instructed to enter your order number, and personal information.

    After that is complete, your phone will receive a prompt to collect your Flash Pass wristband from the staff at a ride entrance of the Flash Pass headquarters.

    six flags flash pass code

    After purchase you'll receive a wristband that contains a unique set of numbers and a QR code.

    Enter these wristband numbers into your app, and then click the 'Save Wristband' button.

    5. Begin Reserving Rides

    After this is complete, you'll be allowed to immediately begin reserving rides from the app.

    When reserving rides, the app/site will list an estimated waiting time for each ride (unless you have the Ultimate Flash Pass that grants you immediate access), and you'll select 'Reserve' to reserve your spot.

    six flags flash process

    After reserving a ride, the app will begin a countdown, think something like starting at 20 minutes and going backward all the way down to 0.

    Once the countdown gets to zero, it's your turn to ride!

    Head straight to the Flash Pass entrance of the ride to check in to your ride reservation.

    Show the ride attendant your phone screen with the provided QR code (or allow them to scan your wristband), and after a successful scan you'll be granted access through the Flash Pass line.

    After completing your ride, you can begin reserving your next ride!

    Flash Pass Prices May Change By the Day

    six flags flash pass calendar

    Flash Pass prices can vary in price depending on which day and/or season you decide to go.

    In general, the busier the park is when you're planning to visit, the higher the Flash Pass cost.

    For example, the Summer months, weekends, and holiday seasons tend to be more expensive than weekdays.

    Flash Passes Are Non-Refundable

    Once you've purchased a Flash Pass, you can't return it, or receive a refund.

    You'll want to ensure that you're well informed before deciding to purchase this pass, as well as be sure that you're available to go to the park on the date that you've chosen.

    Is a Flash Pass Worth It?

    If you hate waiting in lines and are visiting on a weekend, especially during the busier months of the year, a Flash Pass is absolutely worth it.

    When the park is busy, ride wait times can extend to several hours, which you can avoid by investing in a Flash Pass.

    If you're visiting on a weekday or during smaller crowds, a Flash Pass may not be worth it as ride wait times are traditionally much shorter, and you won't need to wait in line for a long period.

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