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The Ultimate Space Mountain Guide | FAQ, Tips & Secrets

Space Mountain is one of the most iconic Disney attractions featured at 5 Disney parks across the world!

Our Space Mountain Guide is here to break down everything there is to know about this iconic attraction, as well as some helpful tips and fun secrets to know before riding!

Everything You Should Know About Space Mountain (All Locations!):

  • What Is Space Mountain?
  • Where Is Space Mountain?
  • When Did Space Mountain Open?
  • How Long Is Space Mountain?
  • How Fast Is Space Mountain?
  • How Scary Is Space Mountain?
  • What Companies Have Sponsored Space Mountain?
  • What Does Space Mountain Look Like With The Lights On?
  • Is Space Mountain Worth Riding?
  • Space Mountain Tips & Secrets


Space Mountain Sign 

What Is Space Mountain?

Space Mountain is an indoor rollercoaster that twists and turns through darkness set amongst the backdrop of space. 

It's widely known as one of the most iconic Disney attractions next to Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and It's A Small World! 

Nearly all of your experience on Space Mountain at any of the Disney theme parks will take place in the dark with only brief moments being fully lit. Your only source of light will generally be from projection mapped "stars" throughout the attraction. 

Though Space Mountain doesn't feature any inversions (except at Disneyland Paris which features three inversions!) or massive drops, the fact you are in the darkness and can't see what's about to happen adds to the thrill level of the attraction. The rollercoaster takes place at relatively high speeds (more on that below!) with many brief drops and sharp turns. 

Spaceport sign inside of Space Mountain

Space Mountain isn't the most intense rollercoaster out there, but it's mostly loved by thrill-seekers and casual theme park goers alike.

It's a great rollercoaster when you're looking for something a bit more intense than a "kid's ride", but not exactly something that flips you upside down multiple times or travels at really high speeds! 

Where Is Space Mountain?

Space Mountain can be found at five of the Disney theme parks, as listed below:

  • Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World)
  • Disneyland
  • Tokyo Disneyland (current closed through 2027)
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Hong Kong Disneyland

Except at Disneyland Paris, all Space Mountains are located in the Tomorrowland section of the parks.

Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris however is located in Discoveryland, which is a version of Tomorrowland inspired by the work of Jules Verne

NOTE: As of the time of this writing, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland's Space Mountains are temporarily rethemed to Hyperspace Mountain which includes a Star Wars storyline, effects and music!

Blue tunnel on Space Mountain

When Did Space Mountain Open?

Space Mountains across the world have opened throughout four different decades! 

  • Magic Kingdom: January 15th, 1975
  • Disneyland: May 27th, 1977 
  • Tokyo Disneyland: April 15th, 1983
  • Disneyland Paris: June 1st, 1995
  • Hong Kong Disneyland: September 12th, 2005


Space Mountain Boarding Area

How Long Is Space Mountain?

While each of these attractions share the Space Mountain name and theming, the construction of each Space Mountain is quite different.

This has led to different ride lengths and speeds!

  • Walt Disney World: 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Disneyland: 3 minutes
  • Tokyo Disneyland: 2 minutes 45 seconds (we expect this to change during it's lengthy refurbishment)
  • Disneyland Paris: 2 minutes 15 seconds
  • Hong Kong Disneyland: 2 minutes 15 seconds

How Fast Is Space Mountain?

  • Walt Disney World: 27 miles per hour
  • Disneyland: 35 miles per hour
  • Tokyo Disneyland: 30 miles per hour (though this may change during it's multi-year long refurbishment)
  • Disneyland Paris: 44 miles per hour
  • Hong Kong Disneyland: 30 miles per hour


Astronautsduring Space Mountain liftoff

How Scary Is Space Mountain?

Keeping in mind that Space Mountain is a roller coaster that takes place in the dark, you'll be unable to anticipate when the next drop or turn will be which adds the thrill of it.

The drops on Space Mountain are not too intense overall and we feel the scariest part of the ride is the darkness and lack of visibility. If you are afraid of the dark, sit this one out especially considering you'll be moving at high speeds with quick drops and turns. 

In terms of intensity, Space Mountain at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland aren't too scary. It's a ride enjoyed by kids and adults alike if you don't mind being in the dark with minimal lighting!

However, Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris is quite a bit more intense and will be considered as scary to some. 

Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris is the only version of the ride that goes upside. This version of the ride has a total of three inversions!

The added intensity of these three inversions makes for a much more intense experience and if you aren't a rollercoaster fan then you'll likely find Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris a bit scary and too intense!

If you want to learn more about how scary Space Mountain is, including comparisons to other rides, check out our Space Mountain Scariness Guide!


Robot on computer in Space Mountain

What Companies Have Sponsored Space Mountain?

Disney has a long history of having other corporations sponsor rides to help fund their construction and upkeep.

In exchange for a healthy sum of money, the ride's sponsor typically gets signage throughout the attraction listing them as a sponsor, as well as other promotional opportunities like commercials during a ride's preshow or queue. 

Space Mountain is no exception to this with its first sponsor being RCA - the company most notably known for its radio equipment, televisions, and the legendary RCA Records. RCA's sponsorship of the ride lasted over ten years and ended shortly before the company become absorbed by General Electric.

After going years without a sponsor, FedEx signed on as a Space Mountain sponsor which lasted over a decade as well. 

However, none of the Space Mountain attractions currently have a sponsor. 


Exterior of Space Mountain illuminated in blue

What Does Space Mountain Look Like With The Lights On?

Space Mountain with the lights on might be even scarier than in the dark! After you see how many low-hanging metal beams narrowly miss your head, tight spaces, and metal encasing surrounds you, you might be asking to turn the lights off again.

The video below is the best way to see just what Space Mountain looks like with the lights off, but skip it if you don't want to ruin the magic!

Is Space Mountain Worth Riding?

Space Mountain often has long wait times often over an hour long which leads to many wondering if its even worth riding.

Simply put, yes. Space Mountain is an iconic ride that's on our list of must-do's. It's one of the few roller coasters within Disney and offers a thrill that can be enjoyed by nearly the whole family.

While the line may seem to have a long wait, the queue mostly takes place indoors, which along with the ride itself, offers you a cool escape from the heat outdoors.  

Indoor roller coasters have become more common over the last few years, but Space Mountain was the first to do it and still to this day remains one of the best indoor roller coasters. 

Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom shows its age a bit more than any of the other Space Mountains around the world, but we still recommend making it a priority attraction. Space Mountain at any of theme park is always a can't miss attraction.

Space Mountain Queue 

Space Mountain Tips & Secrets

Tip #1: Looking for the biggest thrill while on Space Mountain? Then ask to sit in the last cart where you'll have the most intense ride experience. This tip applies to roller coasters around the word and Space Mountain is no exception!

Secret #1: Not only is Space Mountain the first indoor roller coaster, it's also the first roller coaster to be controlled by computers!

Secret #2: Many of the Space Mountain attractions actually have fans blowing air on you throughout the ride track. This is to make you feel like you're going faster than you actually are!

Secret #3: In the queue of Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom, keep an eye out for a set piece which lists "Open Sectors" and "Closed Sectors". You'll see a list of numbers and letters that may seem meaningless at first, but they're actually references to closed and existing rides at Magic Kingdom. It's a fun way to pass some time figuring out just what ride "FL-20K" might be!

Secret #4: Each Space Mountain building structure is truly massive, but careful consideration went into each Space Mountain's heigh to make sure it doesn't dwarf any of the princesses' castles (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty).  Disney wants the princess castles to be the crown jewel of each park, so the overall size of Space Mountain is given a lot of thought before construction. 

Secret #5: Space Mountain at Disneyland is actually 15 feet underground through parts of the attraction. Pretty ironic to be on a ride about space while actually being underground! 



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