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21 Royal at Disneyland | FAQ & Behind-The-Scenes Info

21 Royal at Disneyland is one of the most special and pricey experiences you can enjoy at the park that remains largely a mystery.

Luckily, our 21 Royal Guide is here to share all of the secrets and little-known details about 21 Royal, as well as what you could expect if you were to experience an evening there!

Frequently Asked Questions About 21 Royal:

  • Where is 21 Royal Located?
  • How Do You Make A Reservation at 21 Royal?
  • What Food Is Served At 21 Royal?
  • How Much Does 21 Royal Cost?
  • What's Included With A 21 Royal Reservation?
  • Is 21 Royal Just A Restaurant?
  • How Can You Sleep At 21 Royal?
  • How Many People Can Dine At 21 Royal?
  • Does 21 Royal Include Club 33 Access?
  • What Celebrities Have Dined At 21 Royal?
  • Video Walk-Through


21 Royal Sign

Where is 21 Royal Located?

21 Royal is located in the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland Park. 

Perched right on top of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, 21 Royal is quite easy to find with a pair of signs embossed with "21 Royal" in front of the staircases leading up to the storied location. 

21 Royal Staircase

How Do You Make A Reservation at 21 Royal?

Making a reservation at 21 Royal is simple and can be done by calling the 21 Royal Concierge at (714) 300-7749.

If you're interested in making a reservation be sure to call well in advance of your desired dining date as 21 Royal is an extremely popular location. 

What Food Is Served At 21 Royal?

The food that is served at 21 Royal is decided by your personal preferences and those of your guests. 

Once the chefs at 21 Royal know what flavors and foods you enjoy, which you'll discuss with the 21 Royal Concierge when making your reservation, the real magic begins. 

21 Royal Plate

The 21 Royal culinary team will craft inventive and creative dishes using only the best ingredients from the most exclusive suppliers. The chefs will work together to craft unique dishes which are reflective of the flavors you and your party enjoy with a few surprises of course. 

Just because you lay out some dishes and flavors you enjoy, don't expect the chefs to craft a basic menu based on these choices - the thought and creativity to put together a distinct and unforgettable meal for you are unmatched. 

How Much Does 21 Royal Cost?

21 Royal currently costs $15,000 to book the entire dining room.

21 Royal is a private dining experience, so there is no option to split the dining room with another party.

How Many People Can Dine At 21 Royal?

12 total people can dine at 21 Royal at once. 

Whether or not you have an entire party of 12, you will still need to pay the full $15,000 cost of the experience. 

What's Included With A 21 Royal Reservation?

For the $15,000 price tag, your experience at 21 Royal includes just a bit more than food and drinks.

Admission to Disneyland, as well as valet parking at the Grand Californian Hotel, is also included. Upon arriving at the Grand Californian you will be greeted by a VIP guide who will escort you through Disneyland to 21 Royal. 

21 Royal Salon

Once you arrive at 21 Royal you'll be treated to drinks in the "salon" (lounge/living room area) of 21 Royal. Following the drinks you will be escorted to the terrace overlooking New Orleans Square and The Rivers of America before finally being taken to the main dining room. 

Your evening at 21 Royal concludes with dessert back out on the terrace which provides an amazing view of the Disneyland fireworks of the incredible Fantasmic! show. 

Is 21 Royal Just A Restaurant?

21 Royal is much more than a restaurant! 

The space was originally conceived as a bigger space for Walt Disney and his family to live in similar to the apartment he used above Main Street. 

Staying true to this origin, 21 Royal is also a beautiful two-bedroom apartment that those dining at the 21 Royal restaurant will often get to enjoy while enjoying drinks before they dine. 

How Can You Sleep At 21 Royal?

Being able to sleep at 21 Royal is a bit more complicated than just dining at 21 Royal. 

Known as the "Dream Suite", 21 Royal is typically invitation only for VIP celebrities, Disney Legends (Dick Van Dyke spent a night in the Dream Suite for his birthday), and other influential figures. 

"Private Entrance" Sign at 21 Royal

There is no online reservation system or line to call like you would for the 21 Royal Restaurant. 

Every few years, however, Disney will allow anyone to spend a night in the Dream Suite through a contest or giveaway. During the Diamond Celebration and Year of A Million Dreams, dozens of people were surprised with the opportunity to spend a night in the Dream Suite! 

Does 21 Royal Include Club 33 Access?

Despite the hefty price tag, 21 Royal does not include access to Club 33. 

Reservations and access to Club 33 are entirely separate! 


What Celebrities Have Dined At 21 Royal?

Some of the most notable celebrities rumored to have dined at 21 Royal include the following:

  • Katy Perry
  • Dick Van Dyke
  • Orlando Bloom
  • John Stamos
  • Luke Bryan
  • Lionel Ritchie
  • Ariana Grande
  • Selena Gomez
  • Holly Madison
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Chris Evans
  • Jimmy Kimmel

Video Walk-Through



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