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Space Mountain Scariness Rating | Speed, Darkness & Comparisons!

Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides at Disneyland and Walt Disney World but with a reputation of being a roller coaster set in the dark many wonder just how scary this ride is.

We're here to break down just how scary our team finds Space Mountain to be as well as some comparisons to other rides to gauge if you'll find Space Mountain too scary!

Questions We'll Answer About Space Mountain:

  • How Scary Is Space Mountain Overall?
  • Space Mountain Scariness Compared To Other Rides

 Space Mountain Sign

How Scary Is Space Mountain Overall?

Space Mountain at Walt Disney World and Disneyland aren't all too intense, fast, or for that matter dark.

The ride may feel fast, but it actually tops out at around 35 miles per hour. The illusion the ride is moving much faster than it is through the use of giant fans and the way the projections of stars are positioned gives you the appearance of zooming by! 

Blue Space Mountain Tunnel

There also are no inversions or very steep drops on Space Mountain which is what frightens many people when it comes to roller coasters. 

However, Space Mountain may be scary to those who want to see where they are going to brace themselves for the twists, turns, and drops of a roller coaster.

On Space Mountain it's very hard, if not impossible, to anticipate what's going to happen next. While there are no intense drops on Space Mountain, the smaller drops on the ride may be a bit more scary because you can't see them coming like you would on an outdoor roller coaster. 

Astronaughts on rocket ship prop

The quick turns also might feel more frightening than they really are because you can't brace yourself for these elements either. 

In short - almost all elements of Space Mountain are much less intense than most roller coasters, but because you can't anticipate any of the drops and turns it feels much scarier and more intense than it is.


Loading area of Space Mountain ride

Space Mountain Scariness Compared To Other Rides

It might be easier to figure out if Space Mountain is too scary for you or your kids by comparing it to other rides, so we've compared Space Mountain to some popular Disney attractions!

Below you'll find our thoughts on if Space Mountain is or isn't scarier than certain other rides:

Haunted Mansion vs Space Mountain: Haunted Mansion is scarier!

Thunder Mountain vs Space Mountain: Tie - Space Mountain is less intense, but more unpredictable than Thunder Mountain which is a more intense ride!

Expedition Everest vs Space Mountain: Expedition Everest is scarier!

Tower of Terror vs Space Mountain: Tower of Terror is much scarier!

Dinosaur vs Space Mountain: Dinosaur is scarier!



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