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Club 33 Secrets | Exclusive Parties, Little-Known Benefits & Members

Club 33 itself isn't so much of a secret these days with information now available directly on Disney's website, but there are a lot of secrets and special perks you won't hear about unless you know a member. 

We're here to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the rumored secret perks, events, members and history found at Club 33!

Questions We'll Answer About Club 33:

  • What Are The Little Known Secrets Of Club 33?


    Club 33 Entrance Doors


    Haunted Mansion Parties

    During the celebration of The Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary, it's rumored that Club 33 members were invited to incredible parties inside the Haunted Mansion.

    These parties took place in various areas of the attraction, but mainly in the ballroom section where the "ghosts" in the ride typically have their dances and dinner parties!

    During these parties Club 33 members dressed up in theme as ghosts, goblins, zombies and characters from the attraction in the ultimate costume party!

    Oscar Parties

    Club 33 has also been rumored to throw extremely lavish Oscar parties for celebrities, filmmakers and other VIP guests. 

    We don't know the exact details of these parties, but they have been rumored to be invitation only to Club 33 members in the entertainment industry. This is likely to give celebrity members of Club 33 members some extra privacy to enjoy the Oscars watch part without being bothered. 

    If the rumors are true, these Oscar parties are probably one of the most exclusive and secretive events that occur at Club 33 in a gathering of Hollywood A-listers!

    Club 33 Logo

    Gift Packages

    Another rumored secret about Club 33 is the amount of exclusive gifts they're given as part of being club members.

    These gifts include anything from Disney memorabilia and merchandise, rare collectibles as well as gifts from close partners of Disney. Club 33 members are usually high net-worth of profile individuals, so being able to gift these members products can be a big marketing opportunity!

    Attraction Previews

    Club 33 members are usually some of the first people to ride a brand new attraction at Disney. 

    These previews usually take place just after cast members experience the ride for the first time and quite a bit before Annual Passholders, DVC Members and of course the general public get to ride.

    These previews are often a bit more intimate as well, with more Disney staff on-hand to give Club 33 members details about the construction and design of these new attractions. 

    Club 33 Walkway

    Movie Premiere & Previews

    Another secret perk rumored by Club 33 members is access to early screenings of Disney films as well as invitations to world premiere events.

    We're not surprised to hear this one as it's very similar to the attraction preview perk and another way to give some of Disney's most high-profile fans, who already include celebrities and individuals with massive reach, to see upcoming Disney films before anyone else. 

    Being able to attend the world premiere of the next Pixar, Marvel or Walt Disney Animation film is just another very cool perk!

    Rare Memorabilia & Relics

    Inside Club 33 are loads of rare Disney memorabilia and relics. 

    This includes movie props from the original Mary Poppins film, personal items belonging to Walt and Lillian Disney and even an old animatronic vulture that was originally intended to interact with guest of Club 33. 

    Many of the decorations and furnishings you see around Club 33 were actually selected or directly inspired by Lillian Disney herself!

    Different rare relics are also rumored to rotate through Club 33 at times to commemorate special events at the Disney parks or Walt Disney company. We've heard in the past this has included animatronics from It's A Small World and even Walt Disney's own Academy Award trophies. 

    Stained glass gate into the Courtyard of Angels

    VIP Members

    Of course one of the biggest secrets at Club 33 is its guest list. 

    While it's nearly impossible to confirm who is a Club 33 member, some of the individuals below are rumored to be members!

    • John Stamos
    • Holly Madison
    • Tom Hanks
    • Rebel Wilson
    • Katy Perry
    • Tiger Woods
    • Robin & Brooke Lopez
    • Heidi Klum
    • Neil Patrick Harris
    • Gwen Stefani

    You can learn more about rumored Club 33 members on our Club 33 Membership page!


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