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Legoland Florida's Fast Track Pass: Everything You Need to Know

A Fast Track Pass is one of the most popular passes at Legoland Florida.

In this guide, we'll go explain what a Fast Track Pass is, the different types of passes available, what rides are included, and where to buy it.

legoland florida entrance

    What is a Fast Track Pass?

    A Legoland Fast Track Pass allows visitors to skip waiting in the regular line, and access a faster line to quickly ride their favorite rides.

    fast track line legoland florida

    A Fast Track Pass is an additional cost that is not included with admission, and visitors must have an admission ticket to use a Fast Track Pass.

    Visitors will receive a wristband, granting them access to the Fast Track line.

    Types of Fast Track Passes

    There are two types of Fast Track Passes at Legoland Florida including:

    1. Fast Track 3 Pack - Valid For 3 Rides
    2. Fast Track Unlimited - Valid For 24 Rides

    The 3-pack pass only grants you access to the Fast Track Pass for 3 rides, while the Unlimited Pass allows you access to all of the rides that have Fast Track lines.

    It's important to know that Fast Track Passes can change in price, and are typically more expensive on the weekends, and less expensive during the week.

    1. Fast Track 3 Pack

    fast track pass legoland florida

    The Fast Track 3 Pack Pass only allows the pass holder to skip the regular line at the following rides:

    1. The Great LEGO Race
    2. Coastersaurus
    3. The Dragon

    1. The Great LEGO Race

      the great lego race

      2. Coastersaurus

        coastersaurus legoland florida

        3. The Dragon

          the dragon legoland florida

          2. Fast Track Unlimited

          fast track unlimited legoland florida

          The Fast Track Unlimited Pass is for visitors who want to skip the lines at every ride including:

          • The Dragon
          • The Grand Carousel
          • The Great LEGO Race Coaster
          • The LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight
          • DUPLO Tractor
          • DUPLO Train
          • Flying School
          • Ford Driving School
          • Ford Jr. Driving School
          • Kid Power Tower
          • LEGO NINJAGO The Ride
          • Lost Kingdom Adventure
          • Merlin’s Challenge
          • Mia’s Riding Adventure
          • Rescue Academy
          • AQUAZONE Wave Racers
          • Battle of Bricksburg
          • Beetle Bounce
          • Boating School
          • Coastersaurus
          • Royal Joust
          • Safari Trek
          • Technicycle
          • Unikitty's Disco Drop

          How Does a Fast Track Pass Work?

          After purchasing your pass, you will head over to guest services and show them your confirmation number.

          legoland florida guest services

          Guest services will then validate your confirmation number and hand you a Fast Track wristband that you'll immediately be able to use.

          Once you have your wristband, you can head to your favorite rides and use the Fast Track lines.

          It's important to know that your Fast Track Pass is non-transferable, only valid for the day of your purchase and doesn't work to skip lines at shows.

          When to Get a Fast Track Pass

          If you're only visiting the park for one day, and the only time that you can go is on the weekend (when the park is most busy), and you want to ride any (or all) of the three rides that are included.

          Or, if you just hate waiting in lines in general.

          You'll be able to save time and experience the park without dealing with having to wait in lines.

          One of the few unavoidable downsides of visiting a theme park is having to wait in lines.

          The most popular attractions will typically have a line that you will have to wait in, but you can bypass this with a Fast Track Pass.

          When to Not Get a Fast Track Pass

          When you're able to visit the park during the weekday, the park is normally less busy, which means fewer lines.

          If this is the case, you won't need a Fast Track pass, as it may not be the best investment if the lines are already short.

          Where to Buy a Fast Track Pass For Legoland Florida

          You can purchase a Fast Track pass directly from the Legoland Florida site, and you can also purchase them at the park.

          buy fast track in legoland florida sign

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