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Legoland Florida's Lockers: Everything You Need to Know

Just like every major theme park, Legoland Florida has lockers available for rent.

In this guide, we'll explain where the lockers are located, how much they cost, how to use them, and if they're worth it.

Where Are the Legoland Florida Lockers?

Legoland Florida only has one locker area, located at the front of the park.

After entering the park, lockers can be found immediately on the left-hand side, in between the Convenience Store and the Big Shop, and across Guest Services.

legoland florida lockers

Lockers are found inside the area of the park known as "The Beginning".

Lockers can also be found at the Legoland Water Park, but it is important to know that this is a separate park.

Locker Pricing

There are two types of lockers available for use at Legoland Florida including:

  • Standard Locker - $15 per day
  • Large Locker - $20 per day
legoland florida pricing

How to Use a Locker

Visitors can walk right up to the touch screen machine in the locker area and choose the rent-a-locker option.

The machine will then prompt visitors to select which type of locker they would like to rent.

After this, visitors will need to pay using a cashless option, as your card will be charged upfront to give you access to the locker and not at the end of the day after you finish using the locker. 

Visitors will then will be able to create their secure PIN for their locker.

Are There Any Other Storage Options at Legoland?

There are currently no other storage options at Legoland outside of the locker rental area.

While some rides may have small pouches to hold small items like sunglasses, hats, and purses, you'll need to get a locker for anything bigger.

Guest services at Legoland also won't be able to hold any valuables or store any suitcases for you.

Should You Use a Locker?

We have never needed a locker at Legoland, but if there are personal items you need to bring with you to the park, and don't want to carry them all day, then getting a locker is the best option. 

Legoland is a large theme park, so keep in mind that you might find yourself walking quite a distance to grab items in your locker (which is located at the front of the park).

legoland florida entrance

While the price of a locker is very reasonable, it's mostly been the walking back and forth to the front of Legoland that has deterred us from ever getting a locker.

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