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9 Best Legoland Florida Tips | Simply Explained

In this guide, we will cover our best Legoland Florida tips to ensure that you arrive to the park extremely prepared, and know all of the 'hacks' to maximize your time and money.

    1. Know the Best Time to Visit

    The best days to visit Legoland Florida are Tuesday through Thursday. Weekdays are typically much less crowded and visitors from all over the world plan their trips around the weekend.

    legoland florida park ride

    Most guests plan their entire trip to the park around the weekend. Normally on the weekends, kids are out of school, and parents are off of work. This creates the perfect recipe for a packed park on the weekends.

    We've written an entire guide detailing the best time of day to visit, the best months to visit an underrated months to visit.

    2. Don't Pay Full Price

    When you purchase with us, you can Save $22+ per ticket, and you'll also be able to skip the line by going straight to the gate.

    You can learn more about our process and how we're able to do this through our Authorized Theme Park Ticket Reseller page

    3. Invest in a Fast Track Pass

    A Legoland Fast Track Pass allows you to skip the regular line, and access a faster line to quickly ride your favorite rides rather than having to wait in a long line. It is an additional cost that is not included with admission.

    fast track pass legoland florida

    After purchasing your pass, you will head over to guest services and show them your confirmation number.

    Guest services will then hand you a wristband for the Fast Track Pass allowing you access to the Fast Track lines.

    4. Take a Picture of Where You Parked

    After a long and fun day at the park, the last thing that you'll want to do is spend hours looking for your car.

    take picture

    This tip is one that most skip over, until it happens to them! Then, they read this section three times just to make sure it never happens to them again.

    Take a picture of where you parked (and the surrounding areas such as row names), or if you have an iPhone just drop a pin.

    Either of these options will allow your day to go smoothly from beginning to end.

    5. Visit the Water Park

    Did you know that Legoland Florida also has a water park? Their water park features:

    • Lazy River
    • Kids Area Including Small Water Slides
    • Several Interactive Water Play Areas
    • A Tower With a Giant Bucket That Drops Water on Visitors
    • Body Slide Rides
    • Giant Wave Pool

    Most guests will head to the water park to cool off (and have fun) after being out in the hot sun while visiting the park.

    legoland florida water park

    6. Know the Different Types of Tickets

    Speaking of water parks, you'll want to double check if it is included in your admission!

    There are 2 types of admission tickets currently available, Normal Admission for one park and Multi Park admission where you can visit the Legoland Theme Park with a combination of other parks.

    • Legoland Theme Park & Water Park
    • Legoland Theme Park & Peppa Pig Theme Park
    • Legoland Theme Park + Water Park & Peppa Pig Theme Park

    You can read more about all of the different types of tickets offered at Legoland Florida directly from their site.

    7. Rent a Locker

    Lockers are available for rent in The Beginning and inside LEGOLAND® Water Park.

    Rentals costs range $15 - $20 for the day, depending on the locker size that you choose.

    Lockers are a very popular feature as it allows visitors to safely store their belongings, providing them with a peace of mind while enjoying the park worry-free.

    You can rent a locker using both cash and credit cards. 

    legoland ride

    8. Download the App

    The Legoland Florida app can come in extremely handy during your visit. 

    • Take a peek at wait times
    • Navigate through the Park
    • Set reminders so you don’t miss your favorite shows
    • Store your tickets, passes and extras in our brand new app ticket wallet for quick and easy entry
    • Use the Planner tool to get all the information you need for your visit before you’ve even arrived. Tell the app who is in your party to see which rides are suitable for everyone. Then add your favorites and check them off as you go!

    9. Consider an Annual Pass

    An Annual Pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times for an entire year, on all days that are open to the public. There are currently four types of annual passes available, and each one offers different perks at a different price.

    legoland florida annual pass sticker

    Your annual pass will be activated the day of purchase, and will be valid for an entire year from that date.

    If you're planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, an annual pass may be a good option for you. You'll receive countless perks, and save plenty of money along the way.

    A Brick Pass in particular, pays for itself in under 2 visits.

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