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Is the Peppa Pig Theme Park in Legoland? | Know Before You Go

Peppa Pig is one of the newest theme parks to open in Florida, but how close is it to Legoland?

In this guide, we will explain if Peppa Pig is located in Legoland and if not, how far away it is from Legoland.

Is the Peppa Pig Theme Park in Legoland?

The Peppa Pig theme park is not located inside Legoland, as it is a separate theme park located to the right of Legoland Florida.

legoland florida and peppa pig theme park sign

The reason why many visitors believe that Peppa Pig is located in Legoland is due to Legoland and Peppa Pig offering tickets where visitors can visit both parks on the same day.

legoland peppa pig and water park ticket

We timed how long it would take to get from the Legoland exit to the Peppa Pig entrance during our latest visit, and it turned out to be about a 4-minute walk, while only walking at a regular pace.

How Do You Get From Peppa Pig to Legoland?

legoland florida entrance

From the Legoland Florida entrance, you will turn around and walk straight ahead until you reach the Preferred Parking lot.

You'll be able to tell that it's Preferred Parking as vehicles are under a shaded area.

legoland florida preferred parking

Once you reach the parking lot, you'll continue on the sidewalk and make a left turn, while keeping the Preferred Parking lot on your right.

From that point, you'll continue to walk straight until you reach the Peppa Pig sign on a teal fence, which will signal you're seconds from the Peppa Pig entrance.

peppa pig sign before peppa pig theme park entrance

Right before reaching the main entrance, you'll have to go through a security checkpoint.

After passing through security, you'll be able to have a staff member quickly scan your ticket, and allow you to enter the park.

Can You Use a Legoland Ticket To Peppa Pig?

You cannot use a regular Legoland Florida ticket to get into Peppa Pig unless you've purchased the multi-park ticket option.

legoland 3 day ticket with peppa pig and water park

You'll be able to tell which parks your ticket includes, as they will be visually displayed before purchasing, and each ticket will have the names of the parks it includes.

Multi-park options range from 1-day to 3-days.

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