Ultimate Legoland Florida Parking Guide: All You Need to Know

When you pull up to the parking lot, you'll realize there are multiple options available when parking at Legoland Florida.

In this page, we'll go over all of the parking options that are available, why you'd consider other parking options, and how they stack up against each other.

legoland florida parking toll booth

Types of Parking Options Available

There are two types of parking options at Legoland Florida including:

  1. Preferred Parking - $40
  2. Standard Parking - $25

Preferred Parking is a higher cost than Standard Parking, as you're parked closer to the entrance, and under a shaded area. 

Standard Parking will park you in the regular Legoland parking lot.


preferred parking sticker for car

Preferred Parking puts you as close to the front entrance of the park as possible at your time of arrival, at a higher cost than Standard Parking ($15 more).

This means a much shorter walk to the park when you begin your day, and even more importantly, a shorter walk back to your car after a long day at the parks. 

The best part of Preferred Parking however is being able to place your car in a shaded area, and after your visit to the park, coming back to your car not being 100+ degrees.

preferred parking legoland florida

Pre-Pay For Preferred Parking

Preferred Parking can also be a few bucks cheaper online throughout the year, however, it isn't always offered online.

legoland florida preferred parking prepay price
If you are purchasing online, you'll simply head to the Legoland Florida site, click on the 'Extras' tab and click on 'Parking'.
extras and parking on legoland navigation menu

Available forms of payment available for parking are cash or credit; the credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

2. Standard Parking

legoland florida standard parking

Standard Parking is going to be your most basic and cheapest option when parking at Legoland Florida.

General Parking will be $25 consistently in person at the toll booth every day of the year for cars.

Campers and RV's will be more expensive at a cost of $32, while Motorcycles will be cheaper at $12.

Buses and bicycles are free to park.

Consider Pre-Paying For Parking Online

Although Standard Parking is $25 in person, you can save a few bucks by paying online ($23.36). 

Pre-paying for parking also allows you to enter the park much faster.

legoland general parking prepay online price

You're able to pre-pay for parking online directly from the Legoland Florida site.

Upgrade From Standard Parking to Preferred Parking

Visitors can also pre-pay for Standard Parking from the Legoland site, and then upgrade to Preferred Parking at the parking toll booth when they arrive to the park.

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