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Is Legoland Florida Worth it? | Easily Explained

The Lego franchise has made a giant splash over the years, being featured in shows, movies and even video games.

So are the theme parks just as good? In this page, we will explain if Legoland Florida is worth it.

    Is Legoland Florida Worth it?

    Legoland Florida is absolutely worth it if you or your kids have any kind of interest in Legos, and are in the younger age group (2-12 years old). This theme park is tailored towards children, and the theme of the park, as well as even the speed of the rides are designed for them to safely have a fun experience.

    is legoland florida worth it

    However, adults can have fun in this park too.

    There are many areas of the park that pay homage to the Legoland series, and multiple rides designed for both parents and children to be able to ride together.

    Legoland Rides

    Legoland has some of the most unique rides, as not only are they completely Lego-based, but some are outdoor rides, others are indoor rides, and some even include a virtual screen throughout the ride.

    The Dragon is a must-do ride at the park, as this ride will take riders through an experience that includes both indoors and outdoors.

    Riders will leave the station and immediately enter the dark castle to get a glimpse of what life is like inside, and possibly see a massive dragon.

    Once you're done sightseeing, it's time to buckle up! Riders will exit the castle and head directly to the outdoor roller coaster portion of the ride.

    Water Park

    Did you know that Legoland Florida also has a water park? Their water park features:

    • Lazy River
    • Kids Area Including Small Water Slides
    • Several Interactive Water Play Areas
    • A Tower With a Giant Bucket That Drops Water on Visitors
    • Body Slide Rides
    • Giant Wave Pool
    legoland florida water park

    Most guests will head to the water park to cool off (and have fun) after being out in the hot sun while visiting the park.

    The water park is located at the back of the park.

    Fun Town

    Grand Carousel

    The Fun Town area feels like a true Legoland village, as visitors will immediately catch a glimpse of the Grand Carousel.

    grand carousel legoland florida

    Here visitors can select their favorite horse, and buckle up for a very entertaining ride.

    Some of the other very popular attractions here include the 4D theatre and the Lego Factory.

    4D Theatre

    The 4D theatre showcases 3 different movies throughout the day.

    1. Lego City Officer in Pursuit
    2. The Lego Movie: New Adventure
    3. Lego Ninjago: Mater of the 4th Dimension

    What impressed us the most is how big the theatre actually was.

    Lego Factory

    This factory is a must-do at the park, as you'll be able to actually purchase Lego bricks to take home, and even engrave your own Lego brick.

    Consider an Annual Pass

    If you enjoy Legoland so much that you're willing to go back again, an annual pass is something that you should consider.

    A Brick Pass in particular, pays for itself in under 2 visits.

    An Annual Pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times for an entire year, on all days that are open to the public. There are currently four types of annual passes available, and each one offers different perks at a different price.

    legoland florida annual pass sticker

    Your annual pass will be activated the day of purchase, and will be valid for an entire year from that date.

    If you're planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, an annual pass may be a good option for you. You'll receive countless perks, and save plenty of money along the way.

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