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Legoland's Refillable Cups: Everything You Need to Know

Refillable Cups are some of the best investments that you can make to deal with the Florida heat.

In this guide, we will explain what a Legoland Refillable Cup is, what drinks it includes, how to use it, and where you can refill your cup.

What Are Legoland's Refillable Cups?

A Legoland Refillable Cup allows a visitor to refill their cup an unlimited amount of times for the entire day of their visit.

legoland refillable cups

Rather than paying for separate drinks throughout the day, a visitor can pay a one-time fee for the special Legoland cup, and refill their drink anytime they want for the rest of the day.

Visitors can choose from 3 Refillable Cup options including:

  • 1 Refillable Cup for $18.39
  • 2 Refillable Cups for $17.39 (each)
  • 3 or More Refillable Cups for $16.29 (each)

    The more cups that you purchase at once, the lower the price that each cup becomes.

    How the Refillable Cups Work at Legoland

    legoland refillable cup building

    Where to Purchase Your Refillable Cup

    At Legoland Florida, you can currently only purchase a Refillable Cup at the Legoland park at 4 locations including:

    1. Beginning Coca-Coca Freestyle
    2. Fire House Ice Cream
    3. Deli Takeover
    4. Piza Pasta Buffet

    How to Fill Your Refillable Cup

    After you've purchased your cup, you'll head to the Coca-Cola Refillable Cup machine, and fill your cup.

    However, it's not as easy as pressing a button, as we quickly found out.

    You'll have to follow a specific set of instructions.

    Before choosing your desired drink, you'll have to place your cup in the machine, as it won't let you do anything else until it detects the cup.

    legoland refillable cup with machine to fill it up

    The reason for this is simple, these cups have chips built inside of them, so until the machine detects a cup, you can't do anything on the touch screen.

    After your cup is placed in the machine, you can use the touch screen to select your drink.

    Then you'll click the large silver & white button below the touch screen to fill up your cup.

    Finding Refill Stations at the Park

    For the rest of your day, you can walk around the park and refill your cup at any refill station.

    Refill stations are strategically placed around the park, and you can quickly find them by using the Legoland app.

    refillable cup locations in the legoland app 

    What Drinks Can I Refill My Cup With?

    Visitors can refill their cups with Coke Products including (but not limited to):

    • Coke
    • Coke Zero
    • Diet Coke
    • Caffeine Free Diet Coke
    • Minute Maid
    • Dr. Pepper
    • Fanta Lemonade
    • Fanta Orange
    • Sprite
    • Sprite Tea
    • Fuze Tea (Still)
    • Lime
    • Powerade Fruit Punch
    • Powerade Lemonade
    • Powerade Raspberry
    • Lemonade
    • Water

    Are Refillable Cups Worth it?

    If you're going to spend more than a few hours at the Legoland Florida park, and the sun is out, Refillable Cups are absolutely worth it.

    legoland florida entrance

    Due to walking through the insane Florida heat, we ended up refilling our cups over 10 times throughout our visit and saved a bunch of money on drinks simply from purchasing this cup.

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