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Disney Springs to EPCOT: 5 Easy Ways

Knowing how to travel from one Disney property to the other can be overwhelming for even experienced visitors.

On this page, we'll go over the easiest ways to get from Disney Springs to EPCOT.

epcot ball at entrance

    1. Take the Disney Bus to the Swan Hotel & Walk

    The quickest way to get from Disney Springs to EPCOT is by taking the Disney bus back to the Swan Hotel and then walking to EPCOT for 15 minutes.

    The walk is a little less than a mile (0.7 miles) and you do not have to stay at the Swan Resort to use the Disney buses.

    Disney Springs to EPCOT

    At the end of the walk you'll end up near the International Gateway, and once you enter the park you'll immediately find yourself in the World Showcase area of the park, in between the United Kingdom Pavilion and France Pavilion.

    The Disney buses are located at the Marketplace Bus Loop, on the east side of Disney Springs.

    disney springs buses sign


    What to Expect During the Walk From the Swan Hotel to EPCOT

    The walking path uses Disney's extra-wide sidewalks, making walking in pairs or even groups enjoyable.

    Along the way, you'll pass a large body of water (Crescent Lake), many restaurants, and even a bike rental station on the way.

    It's a very laid-back path that offers many beautiful sights to see.

    Many visitors will stop and grab something to eat on the way before entering EPCOT.

    Why This is the Fastest Route

    Although you'll have an additional 15-minute walk, not need to wait for a second bus, and all of the potential stops the bus may have saves you a considerable amount of time.

    disney springs bus

    Disney buses make their rounds every 15-20 minutes, and just the wait alone can make the transition to EPCOT much longer.

    If you don't mind walking, this is by far the best path.

    2. Take the Disney Bus to Pop Century Resort

    Another route to take is the Disney Bus to Disney's Pop Century Resort, and then taking another bus to transfer to EPCOT.

    If you want to preserve your feet for walking for the actual park, this is a great alternative as you'll be transferring to EPCOT in comfortable seats, in a bus with cool air conditioning.

    The only downside to this path is that you'll be waiting for the Disney buses twice in order to get to EPCOT.

    Due to this, you'll want to account for an extra 30-40 minutes.

    3. Take the Disney Boat to Port Orleans

    If you're not in a rush, or are in the mood to sightsee, you can take the Disney boat to Disney's Port Orleans, and then take the Disney bus to EPCOT.

    You'll be able to kick back, relax, and see Disney Springs from an angle that not everyone gets to see.

    4. Take the Disney Boat to Saratoga Springs

    If you want to take a lesser traveled option, another option is to take the boat to Disney's Saratoga Springs, and the use the Disney bus from the resort to transfer to EPCOT.

    5. Consider Paid Options

    If you're not in the mood to share, and would rather stick with only the group of people that you came to the park with, consider using Ride Sharing Services at an additional cost.

    uber app

    There are two Ride Sharing pick up spots available at Disney Springs:

    1. The Old Bus Loop at the Marketplace
    2. The Surface Parking lot on the West Side

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