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Does T-Rex Cafe Take Walk Ins? | Easily Explained

T-Rex Cafe is one of the most popular and unique restaurants at Disney Springs.

In this page, we will explain whether or not T-Rex Cafe takes walk-ins, and if they do, when the best and worst times to walk in are.

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Does T-Rex Cafe Take Walk-Ins?

T-Rex Cafe does take walk-ins throughout the day, as long as the restaurant is not at full capacity or expected to be at full capacity for the next several hours.

However, there are certain times and events when you'll have the best shot at landing a walk-in reservation.

trex cafe front entrance

When is the Worst Time to Walk in?

The worst time to walk in is when it's raining outside.

When it rains at Disney Springs, guests will find shelter from the rain inside shops, and you guessed it, restaurants.

Any time that it rains at Disney Springs, you can bet that T-Rex cafe will be full, and it'll be much harder to secure a walk-in reservation.

When is the Best Time to Walk in?

The best time to walk into T-Rex Cafe is in the early afternoon, and when it's not raining.

Towards the evening as guests begin to feel tired and hungry from walking and being out in the sun for hours, they'll naturally gravitate towards the air-conditioned restaurants.

This means that the evenings are typically much more packed than the earlier times of the day.

How the Walk-In Process Works

You'll simply head to the main entrance of the restaurant, which is in the cave-like opening located under the giant dinosaur skeleton.

You'll then head to the podium this is where you'll find the host/hostess (there may be a line, if there is, you'll have to wait).

First, you'll want to ask them if they're taking any walk-ins, and if they are, you'll want to find out how long the wait is.

If they're taking walk-ins, they'll ask for your name and phone number, and then hand you a buzzer/pager.

You'll then have to wait until your buzzer/pager lets you know it's your turn, as it will begin to vibrate and light up in red.

Once this happens, you can head directly back to the host/hostess stand and show them your buzzer, and they'll assign a host/hostess to escort you to your table.

t rex cafe ice cave

See if You Can Make a Reservation

The easiest way to dine at T-Rex Cafe is by securing a reservation ahead of time, but we understand that this isn't always possible.

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