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Lego Dragon at Disney Springs: Everything You Need to Know

The most popular Lego sculpture in all of Disney Springs is the massive Lego Dragon.

In this page, we will explain where exactly the Lego Dragon is located in Disney Springs, what the name of the dragon is, as well as what makes it so special. 

Where is the Lego Dragon at Disney Springs Located?

The famous Lego Dragon is located in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs, right across from the Lego Store, and next to Wetzel's Pretzels.

lego dragon at disney springs

Additionally, behind the Lego Dragon and across the water, you're able to see the second half of the Marketplace section of Disney Springs.

The most notable restaurant in the background is the Rainforest Cafe.

The unique part of the exterior of this restaurant includes occasionally spitting out fire from the top of the building without notice, which will always be an awesome sight to see, no matter how many times you've seen it. 

location of the disney springs lego dragon

As you can see in the above picture, the Lego dragon is very close to both the Lego store, and the regular walkway.

This makes it a very popular spot for guests who are simply walking around Disney Springs to stop, and pose for a picture.

If you want the best picture of the sculpture, you'll definitely have to wait a few minutes unless you're at Disney Springs right when it opens, or near closing.

What is the Lego Dragon at Disney Springs?

The Lego Dragon is a Lego sculpture that has a name of his own, Brickley the Lego Sea Serpent.

He is composed of 170,000 LEGO bricks and is 30 feet long, stationed on the water in Disney Springs.

Brickley was made in 1997 back when the Lego Store was known as the lego Imagination Center. 

As impressive as Brickley is, the Lego store offers other amazing sculptures including the Hulk, Frozen characters and Star Wars characters.

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