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The Lego Store at Disney Springs: Everything You Want to Know

The Lego Store is easily one of the most popular buildings in all of Disney Springs.

In this page, we will explain what the Lego Store is, what you can find inside, what makes it so popular, and where it's located.

What is the Lego Store at Disney Springs?

The Lego Store is one of the most impressive stores at Disney Springs, as everything inside and outside of the store is made out of Legos.

hulk lego store in disney springs

As the largest Lego Store location in Florida spanning over 10,000 square feet, it features massive Lego sculptures, thousands of Lego toys, screens that make Lego toys come to life (without opening the box), an opportunity to build your own legos, and a MiniFigure factory.

It's easily one of the most impressive displays of creativity that we've ever seen.

You'll get your first look at some of the impressive displays as you get closer to the Lego Store.

The Outside of the Lego Store

Outside of the Lego Store, you'll see many recognizable sculptures such as:

Mickey Mouse's Fantasia

mickey mouse legos disney springs

Frozen's Elsa, Anna & Olaf

frozen lego store disney springs

Dragon breathing fire in the middle of a battle

lego dragon breathing fire disney springs

Lego Dragon in the Water

lego dragon disney springs 

From a distance, they look like regular sculptures which might make you wonder what the big deal is.

However, as you get closer, you'll be able to tell that they are made out of thousands of carefully placed Legos.

These Lego sculptures will give you a small taste of what you'll see inside.

The Inside the Lego Store

Once you step inside the Lego Store, you'll immediately be immersed in thousands of Lego toys.

The Lego Store is split up into over a dozen sections, with each section having its own theme.

This means that in the vehicle-themed section, you will find every type of vehicle imaginable, in a Lego form on the wall.

Some of the most unique legos in this section include motorcycles, Lamborghinis, boom trucks, and even Jeeps.

vehicles section lego store disney springs

truck and motorcycle lego store disney springs

lego vehicle toys

There's also a very carefully designed Disney section.

disney castle lego store

disney section lego store

There's even an entire section dedicated to Minecraft.

minecraft section lego store

Make a Lego Toy Set Come to Life

As cool as these toys seem inside of their display, as well as in their boxes, it gets much better.

You can make them come to life, seriously.

make a lego set come to life disney springs

Grab a toy (box) that interests you, and find the nearest camera screen on the wall.

You'll simply hold the top of the box facing the screen, and in less than a second, that toy box will be completely built on the screen.

This allows visitors to be able to visualize what exactly it will look like in its final form, and they'll immediately know if this is the toy set that they want.

make a lego set come to life on screen disney springs

Pictures on the boxes don't always show the most accurate description of the toy, and this screen does a great job showing visitors exactly what they'll get.

Lego MiniFigure

The Lego MiniFigure factory allows you to fully customize a MiniFigure using text, stickers, custom designs, and paintings for it to be custom printed in the store.

lego minifigure factory sign

It is an additional cost ($11.99) and typically lasts less than 30 minutes.

You can make reservations directly from their site.

How the MiniFigure Process Works

After you've made a reservation, the staff members will direct you to a screen, where you can begin creating your own Lego from scratch.

lego minifigure factory screen

You'll be able to choose a name, and clothing, and even draw your designs on the front and back of your Lego figure.

Once you're done, your Lego will be freshly printed.

You'll be able to track your progress on the screen in the printing section.

You'll also be able to see your toy figure created, and printed in real time.

After this is complete, you'll be able to choose the accessories of your Lego toy such as:

  • Hairpiece
  • Headpiece
  • Accessory
  • Pants

lego store minifigure accessories

How to Skip the Lego Store Line

We're guilty of having seen the lines for the Lego Store and quickly deciding that we could come back and do this another day.

However, if you make a reservation for the MiniFigure factory, you can enter the store through the exit at your appointment time.

You'll simply have to let the staff member know that you have an appointment and show them your appointment confirmation.

This will allow you to skip the long line completely, get your own custom-designed mini-figure, and allow you to explore the store after you've created your own MiniFigure.

Who is the Lego Store Fun For?

The Lego Store is surprisingly fun for everyone. 

Before entering the store, we had thought that this was only tailored for smaller children.

However, we could not have been more wrong.

The Lego Store does a great job tailoring to all ages, as both kids and adults can find many things that will entertain them.

There are even references that only adults will be able to appreciate such as Legos made from the Office show, Friends show, Atari Video Computer system, and even pictures of Elvis.

lego store for adults

Where is the Lego Store Located?

The Lego Store is located between the World of Disney Store and the T-Rex Cafe.

The closest parking to the Lego Store will be the Lime garage or the Grapefruit garage.

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