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8 Best Valleyfair Shows That You Can't Miss | Explained

Valleyfair has a variety of shows with each one having its own unique twist offering visitors different experiences. 

In this page, we'll go over all of the shows offered, what they are, what makes them unique, and which ones you can't miss.

sally and schroeders valleyfair

1. Charlie Brown's Hoedown

For Kids

This super fun and friendly atmosphere takes place on Grandma's farm. Join Charlie Brown, Linus, JT & Lucy Van Pelt for ultimate fun.

charlie browns hoedown

The crew will dance, sing, and follow a story line throughout the show while tailoring specifically to kids.

As an interactive show, they always invites viewers to dance and sing along with the crew.

At certain points of the show, they'll even choose certain audience members to get on stage and join in on the fun!

Make sure to arrive early to get the best seats in the house.


Around 15 minutes.


2. Peanuts Block Party

For Kids

A block party done the way a block party should be done!

This super friendly upbeat show will have not just the characters dancing, but the crew members and the audience as well.

peanuts block party valleyfair

The show actually will teach you the specific dance moves to the songs that are playing, and eventually volunteers are picked to show their moves on stage!


The stage is located in the front and center of the 'arena' but the friendly layout allows for everyone to take part of the show.

Rather than having chairs from front to back, benches are scattered all over giving it a concert-like feel.

This also encourages people to even just feel comfortable dancing in place.


Around 15 minutes

3. Sally & Schroeder's Sing-A-Long

For Kids

In this show Sally & Schroeder's main goal is to learn about different cultures, languages, and people... and they need your help!

Throughout this show there will be many different languages covered, through the songs and they'll be taught to the spectators as well.

sally and schroeders sing a long valleyfair

Volunteers will be picked to show off what they've learned and even help the crowd learn new moves!


12 minutes.

4. Minnie & The St. Paul's

For Families & Adults

The most laidback show at the park.

Minnie & The St. Paul's is a live band that will cover all of your favorite songs from the past, present and future!

minnie and the st pauls valleyfair

It's conveniently located right next to Breaker's Bay Bar which means you can sit back, relax and sip on a delicious drink while the band performs.


30 minutes

5. Fun-line Drumline

Drummers, drummers and more drummers!

This show will have you dancing to the beat of the drums around the park without even realizing it.

valley fair funline drumline

Each of these drummers will take turns showing unique beats, and their own style and you will choose which one is your favorite.

Whether its Latin grooves or Afro Cuban beats, you will enjoy the different beats and sounds.

Volunteers will also be taken to show off their own skills!

6. Neon Nights

Similar to Peanut's Block Party, but they also tailor to adults here, 

Neon Nights will play the 40 best hits with a giant neon display in the background.

neon nights valleyfair

This show is unique as they're playing modern-era songs throughout the show and the crew does a great job walking out to engage with the crowd.

As kids, teenagers and adults are more likely to all know the modern songs that are being played, it brings a great bonding experience as they get together to sing (and dance).


25 minutes.

7. Grand Carnivale

From July 24th to August 8th, a cultural celebration that will be Mardi Gras-like.

Featuring giant floats, street performers, singing, dancing and just having an overall great time.

grand carnivale valley fair

Throughout the Grand Carnivale, they will parade the streets and entertain spectators as this limited time event will also bring along international cuisines & live shows.

8. Valley SCARE Shows

Valley Scare provides two types of shows. Live shows that are usually outside or shows that you can walk inside, sit down and enjoy.

valley scare

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