How Does the Valleyfair Fast Lane Work? | Easily Explained

In this guide we'll go over what a Fast Lane pass is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, and where to buy them. 

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What is a Fast Lane Pass

A fast lane pass allows you to access a separate line to be able to skip the regular line for most rides.

valley fair fast pass

Once purchased, you will receive a wristband that grants you this access.

There are several checkpoints in the fast lane line, where ride operators will check whether riders have a wristband.

These checkpoints are usually when you enter the line and right before riding the ride.

Is a Reservation Required?


Unlike other parks where you have to book a reservation through an app or a kiosk, with a fast lane pass once you have a wristband all you have to do is stand and wait in line.

Is It Included With Admission?


A fast lane pass is an additional cost.

You will still need to purchase admission to Valleyfair to gain entry to the park.

Included Rides

Valleyfair Fast Lane Rides
Breakers Plunge & Pipeline
Flying Eagles
High Roller
Mad Mouse
Northern Lights
Power Tower
Steel Venom
The Wave
Thunder Canyon
Wild Thing
Xtreme Swing


Price Differences

It's important to know that Valleyfair fast lane passes typically cost less if you are able to buy them during the 'pre-season'.

Once the park actually opens, prices go up.

valleyfair corkscrew

When Should I Get a Fast Lane Pass?

Traveling With Kids

At theme parks kids often have the hardest time waiting in lines for a variety of reasons including less patience and their legs fatiguing more quickly than adults.

It's extremely beneficial for the entire party to minimize standing around waiting in lines, and experience more rides.

valleyfair kids

When Should I Not Get a Fast Lane Pass?


If you're a local, you will most likely have a good 'feel' of when the park will be most busy and less busy.

Whether from traffic, or just knowing when visitors love to flock into the city.

In this case, you can just go during the slower time of the season and there wont be a need for the pass.

Don't Mind Waiting

If you waiting in lines has never been a big deal to you, then a fast lane pass may not feel like the best investment to you.

Season Pass

If you're a Valleyfair season pass holder, you have the ability to add a season pass fast lane!

valleyfair season pass

This means that you can skip the line for the entire season. This will surely save you a ton of time.

Limited Availability

Fast lane passes do come on a first come first serve basis, so a limited amount are offered each season.

They are extremely popular (for good reason), so make sure that you don't miss out.

Where Can I Buy a Fast Lane Pass?

You can purchase directly from the Valleyfair site.

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