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What is Valley SCARE? | An Ultimate Survival Guide

In this guide we'll cover what Valley Scare is, how the Valleyfair park changes to accommodate it, and everything that you must do when you visit.

valleyscare scare zone

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What is Valley SCARE?

Valley Scare is a limited time event that occurs around the Halloween season featuring 20+ rides, 6 mazes, 5 scare zones and 300 monsters prowling the park. 

As the sun goes down, the park transforms from Valley Fair to Valley Scare.

valleyscare dark

Although Valley Scare is tailored for those who crave thrills and scares, the park also offers other attractions in the daylight.

These attractions are designed for kids and adults who prefer a lighter dose of scares through the Great Pumpkin Fest.

valleyscare snoopy

It is just an overall great place to celebrate Halloween, as they do a great job appealing to every age group.

When Does Valley SCARE Start?

September 16th - Oct 28th.

Halloween Haunt occurs on Fridays & Saturdays.

The Great Pumpkin Fest occurs Saturdays & Sundays.

valleyscare entrance

Halloween Haunt

Halloween Haunt is actually what most people think of when they hear Valley Scare.

This is technically the area that includes haunted houses, scare zones and mazes.

valleyscare clown

Pretty much if you don't want to sleep that night, come here!

Due to all of this Halloween Haunt is recommended for ages 13 or older. 

The Great Pumpkin Fest

During the day, experience the lighter side of ValleySCARE through the Great Pumpkin Fest, with many of the same night-time attractions and some not-so-scary daytime fun with the Peanuts Gang.

the great pumpkin fest

This area is designed for not so scary activities and even includes live shows.

Soak City transforms into the Great Pumpkin Fest, and rather than scare zones, there are fun zones!

Kids will be able to swing by dressed up in their halloween costumes and be able to trick or treat or even take part in the PEANUTS costume parade.

valleyfair the great pumpkin fest

Scare Zones

What are They?

Scare Zones are specific zones with much less lighting, and lots of fog, where 'monsters', aka workers dressed up in scary costumes and walk up to you when you least expect it, to give you a scare!

valley scare scare zone

These zones are popular in all theme parks around Halloween season, as it's very unpredictable where these monsters will come from, leaving you in constant suspense.

Be prepared to hear screams in the scare zones!

Scare Zones only occur in certain parts of the park.

The unique aspect is that each scare zone is uniquely themed, meaning you'll notice they're very different as you walk across each zone.

Haunted Houses

What are They?

Halloween themed houses (each house has a different theme) full of screams, fog, and evil laughter, where visitors can walk through and see scary sights in each house.

valley scare haunted house

These houses typically have loud music blaring to distract your senses.

As visitors make their way through, they'll realize there are 'scarers' ready to jump out when you least expect it.

So watch out for corners!



Although these monsters are featured through every part of the park including mazes, haunted houses, and scare zones, they are even in the shows!

They've even been known to perform Thriller!

valley scare show

Types of Shows

There are multiple shows that visitors can enjoy, some will occur at certain hours outside, and you'll be able to walk by and even stay to watch.

valley scare shows

Others are actual sit-down shows, where you will walk into a building (refresh in the AC), sit down and watch the performance!

Speaking of which, Sinister Circus is a sit down show that you can't miss as it is full of acrobatic stunts!

Haunted Mazes

Mr. Cleaver's Bloodshed

If you're going to Valley Scare, this is just something that you can't miss. 


Mr. Cleaver's Bloodshed is a haunted maze where the theme is based around Mr. Cleaver's world famous meat packing plant.

Authorities have long suspected something was up with the meat that visitors consumed, and now they're finally holding an open house for you to see their findings!

Berserkers Unleashed

This is another haunted maze where you will certainly get your money's worth. 

The theme around this maze is from the legend of the ancient Viking Berserkers known for their uncontrollable rage.

In this maze, you'll explore their ancient ruins, but be careful as rumor has it that the Berserker spirit still roams the area.

Fright Lane

Fright lane is essentially a Fast Lane pass that allows you to skip the lines in Valley Scare.

If you hate waiting in lines, or just want to maximize your time, you will definitely want to consider a Fright lane pass.

fright lane valleyfair

Valley Scare is a very popular event that only occurs once a year, meaning there will absolutely be lines!

Blood Suckers Buffet

An all you can eat dining event that typically occurs on the weekend at select times.

bloodsuckers buffet

Blood Suckers is a restaurant & bar that is operational year round, but the buffet portion occurs during Valley Scare.

Food such as pizza, pasta, salads, pulled pork sandwiches and mac and cheese are all included.

Adult beverages for those 21 years of age and older are also available.

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