Valleyfair Season Pass: Everything You Need to Know

A Season Pass is something that is frequently mentioned at Valleyfair, but what is it?

In this page we'll go over what a season pass is, the differences between the various season passes, what perks they offer, how you can pay for it, and even the upgrades that you can make.

    What is a Season Pass?

    A Valleyfair Season Pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times throughout the year, on all days that are open to the public.

    They also come with benefits including free parking, access to special events, and discounts, which we cover below.

    The Valleyfair park isn't open year round, which makes season passes that much more valuable. 


    Types of Season Passes

    There are 3 types of passes including the:

    1. Silver Pass
    2. Gold Pass
    3. Platinum Pass

    The main differences between the three passes are that Silver passes don't include Saturday visits, don't offer 1 free Bring-a-Friend ticket for renewing pass holders, and aren't eligible for 2 Pre-K passes.

    Silver Pass

    • Free General Parking
    • Unlimited Visits (Excluding Saturday)
    • Unlimited Tricks and Treats Visits (Excluding Saturday)
    • 10% Food & Merchandise Discounts
    • Bring-A-Friend Discount Tickets
    • Pass Perks Rewards

    valleyfair season pass silver pass


    Gold Pass & Platinum Pass

    Both of these passes provide almost all of the same benefits, with one difference. The Platinum pass offers access to all Cedar Fair parks, not just Valleyfair.

    valleyfair season pass gold pass


    This means that they have all of the season pass benefits, for all Cedar Fair parks.

    If a Platinum pass holder decided they didn't want to go to Valleyfair one day, and went to visit Worlds of Fun, they would enjoy the same perks such as free parking for example.

    Differences: Gold Pass vs Platinum Pass

    Gold Pass Platinum Pass
    Access to All Cedar Fair Parks
    Access to Valleyfair
    Access to Valleyfair
    Access to Soak City
    Access to Soak City
    Free Parking Free Parking
    Can use a Payment Plan
    Can use a Payment Plan
    Food & Merchandise Discounts
    Food & Merchandise Discounts
    Bring a Friend Discounts
    Bring a Friend Discounts
    Soak City Cabana Discounts
    Soak City Cabana Discounts


    Season Pass Holder Benefits

    No Blackout Dates

    Enjoy your holidays stress free at the park!

    valleyfair soak city

    Free Parking

    If you're planning on visiting more than once in a season, paying for parking every time that you visit can easily add up. This is a very underrated perk.

    Special Events

    Pass holders will have access to special events such as:

    • Being the first to be able to see the ultra popular ValleyScare
    • Exclusive ride times for your favorite rides on select dates
    • The ability to stay after hours at Soak City (once the park closes to the general public).
    • Bring a Friend Days


    Bring a Friend Days

    Valleyfair has had 'Bring a Friend' offers in the past where you'll be able to receive discounts on tickets for up to 6 friends to bring along with you for ultimate fun.

    valleyfair bring a friend


    When you show your Gold or Platinum pass, you will be eligible to receive 10% off of food and merchandise in the park (at participating locations).

    Appreciation Days

    Season Pass Appreciation days have also been held in the past, with pass holders who were in attendance receiving a free fast lane voucher!

    Easy Pay Plan 

    The Easy Pay Plan is a payment plan that you can follow to pay for your season passes.

    This is convenient as it allows you to have the flexibility to split up your payment over several months, rather than paying it all at once.

    How it Works

    There is an initial payment that you will have to pay upfront, and the rest of the payments are split up over a period of 4 months.

    How to Get my Season Pass

    After you purchase your season pass, you'll bring your e-ticket to the admissions building (right outside of the gate) to receive your season pass ID card.

    Season Pass Upgrades

    Season Pass Fast Lane (Most Popular)

    Skip the lines at your favorite rides! These are available on a first-come, first-served basis, which means that they will sell out.

    season pass fast lane

    All Season Dining

    Enjoy lunch and dinner every visit!

    All Season Drink Refills

    Free refills on every visit!

    all season drink refills

    All Season Photo Pass

    Enjoy unlimited ePhotos at Wild Thing and Renegade!

    valleyfair wild thing

    Purchasing Upgrades/Add-Ons

    This is an important section to make sure that you understand.

    The season upgrades/add ons that you purchase will be charged in full.

    That is, unless you bought the season upgrades at the same time as your season pass. In this case, you can pay for both with the Easy Pay plan.

    Pass Perks

    Valleyfair's Pass Perks is a loyalty program for season pass holders. It essentially works similarly to a credit card loyalty program.

    Every time that you visit the park, it counts towards possibly earning prizes that you can redeem on future visits. 

    Refund Policy

    It's important to note that season passes are non refundable.

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