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Six Flags Plus Membership Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Six Flags has recently introduced a new Membership Pass known as the Six Flags Plus Pass.

In this guide, we will explain what a Six Flags Plus Pass is, how it's different from a Season Pass, and what you should know when considering purchasing.

six flags plus pass

What is a Six Flags Plus Pass?

A Six Flags Plus Pass is a Membership Pass that provides visitors access to all Six Flags parks, and water parks and includes free parking and access to the VIP park entrance, but requires a 1-year commitment (12 consecutive months).

six flags plus pass vs six flags season pass

It's important to know that a Plus Pass locks visitors in for a minimum of 12 months, meaning that they can't cancel their membership until after those 12 months are up.

If you're considering purchasing add-ons to your pass, a Season Pass may be a better fit, as your add-ons will only last to the end of the current year, while your Plus Pass will last for 12 consecutive months regardless of season.

Perks Included With Six Flags Plus

six flags plus pass

A Six Flags Plus Pass can slightly vary depending on which Six Flags location you are visiting, but generally it includes the following:

  • Unlimited Access to All Six Flags Parks For 12 Months
  • Unlimited Access to All Six Flags Water Parks for 12 Months
  • General Parking
  • 1 Skip The Line Pass
  • 2 Specialty Rate Tickets
  • Ability to Use the VIP Entrance
  • 15% Off Food & Merchandise

Six Flags Plus Pass vs. Six Flags Season Pass

A Plus Pass has some similarities to a Season Pass, taking the best features of the Platinum Pass, and a few features of the Diamond Pass to combine them into its own Plus Pass.

six flags platinum pass

Some of the main differences include:

  • A Plus Pass lasts 12 Months from the day of your purchase, while a Season Pass lasts through the end of 2024
  • A Plus Pass membership automatically renews until you cancel your membership
  • No Season Drink Bottle Included With a Plus Pass
  • No Season Flash Pass Discount Included With a Plus Pass
  • No Cabana Discount With a Plus Pass

Some of the similarities include:

  • A Plus Pass offers a 15% Discount on Food and merchandise (Just like the Platinum Pass)
  • 1 Skip The Line Pass (Just like the Platinum Pass)
  • 2 Specialty Rate Tickets (Just like the Platinum Pass)
  • General Parking Included (Just Like the Platinum Pass)
  • Ability to Use the VIP Entrance (Just as the Diamond Pass)
  • Access to All Six Flags Parks (Just as the Diamond Pass)

Consider Purchasing Upgrades to Your Plus Pass

Plus Pass members can also purchase additional upgrades to their pass during checkout, which will be valid with your pass for the duration of your Plus Pass.

Plus Pass Upgrade Options Include:

For example, if you decide to purchase a One Meal Dining Pass as an add-on, this will allow you to grab one meal at any Six Flags park that you visit for 12 months (while your Plus Pass is active).

How to Pay For a Six Flags Plus Pass 

Visitors can pay for their Six Flags Plus Pass on the Six Flags website, through a Monthly payment plan.

How Plus Pass Payments work:

  • Pay a 1 Time Initial Fee at Check Out
  • Pay 12 Fixed Monthly Payments After Your Initial Fee Was Paid 
  • For Example:
    • Month 0 = $20 Initial Fee
    • Month 1-12 = $10 Monthly Payment
six flags plus pass monthly payment plan

When Should I Get a Plus Pass?

If the Six Flags park or parks that you plan on visiting are open year-round, a Plus Pass may be a great fit for you, as you'll get those additional 4-5 months that other Seasonal parks may not get, for a similar price to the Season Pass.

How to Cancel a Six Flags Plus Pass

To cancel a Six Flags membership, you'll need to do so 15 days before your last payment (12th month) is due. Your pass will continue to be valid for 30 days after making the final payment.

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