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Six Flags Speedy Parking Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Six Flags recently introduced a new parking option for visitors known as Speedy Parking.

In this guide, we'll explain exactly what Speedy Parking is, the types of Speedy Parking options available, and when to consider purchasing it.

What is Speedy Parking at Six Flags?

six flags speedy parking

Speedy Parking is a new parking option that allows guests to skip the parking lines by pre-purchasing their parking passes online, entering their license plate information, and then using a designated Speedy Parking lane to enter the park.

This option allows guests to bypass the normal parking queue and significantly reduces the time spent waiting in line at the toll plaza.

You can think of Speedy Parking as the Flash Pass of parking, as it was created to provide visitors with a faster experience entering the park, rather than having to wait in long lines during busier park days.

six flags parking sign

    Types of Speedy Parking Options

    six flags speedy parking

    Speedy Parking is available at all Six Flags locations, and almost all parks offer the following three Speedy Parking options:

    1. General Speedy Parking
    2. Preferred Speedy Parking
    3. Season Long Speedy Parking
    six flags speedy parking

      Six Flags Magic Mountain is currently the only park that offers also offers an additional speedy option of:

      six flags front gate speedy parking
      • Front Gate Speedy Parking 

      How Much Is Speedy Parking?

      Speedy Parking prices vary slightly between parks but are typically around $5-$10 more expensive than the regular parking options.

      The Speedy Parking option is only available for personal vehicles under 8 feet tall.

      How Speedy Parking Works

      This system works by recognizing the guest's license plate and allowing entry without the need for further interaction with toll plaza staff.

      Speedy Parking service at Six Flags works like this:

      1. Pre-purchase the Speedy Parking option online through the Six Flags site, the Six Flags app.
      2. Input your vehicle's license plate number.
      3. Proceed to the designated Speedy Parking lane when you arrive at the park.
      4. Enjoy quick entry and start exploring the park!

      It is an automated lane which means once visitors have entered their license plate information, they can drive through the Speedy Parking lane as the system will automatically scan their information.

      How is Speedy Parking Different From Regular Parking?

      Speedy Parking works identically to a regular parking pass, however, the Speedy Parking option allows you to skip the regular parking toll booth line, and then you must park at your designated zone.

      For example, if you've purchased a General Speedy Parking option, you can skip the parking toll booth line and then must park in the General Parking area.

      You can't park in the Preferred Parking area without having purchased that Speedy Parking option.

      tweety row parking at six flags

      When to Consider Purchasing a Six Flags Speedy Parking Pass

      If you're planning to visit a Six Flags park during a busier time of the year such as during the Summer or near a holiday, and aren't interested in waiting 30 minutes just to park your vehicle, you'll consider purchasing this new parking pass.

      Add Speedy Parking to Your Season Pass

      Six Flags Season Pass Holders can also take advantage of Speedy Parking by adding it to their Season Pass for an additional $10.

      six flags season pass speedy parking license plate

      However, it's important to know that Pass Holders must purchase Speedy Parking from their home park, aka the park where they bought their Season Pass from.

      This is especially important for Diamond Pass holders who can visit any Six Flags park location, as they'll need to purchase Speedy Parking from their home park, to then be able to use it at any other Six Flags park.

      Pass Holders who purchase this option can skip the parking lines for the entire season.

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