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2024 Six Flags Parking Guide: Know Before You Go

When you pull into any Six Flags Park, you'll immediately realize there are a few different parking options to choose from.

In this guide, we will explain all of the parking options available at all Six Flags parks, how the options are different from each other, and when to consider purchasing a more expensive parking pass.

vehicle parked at six flags

Types of Parking Options Available at Six Flags

all six flags parking options

All Six Flags parks offer two types of parking options including:

  • General Parking - Cheapest Option
  • Preferred Parking - $10-$20 More Than General Parking

Due to its popularity, Six Flags Magic Mountain is currently the only park that offers an additional two parking options including:

  • Front Gate Parking - $5-$10 More Than Preferred Parking
  • Valet Parking - $5-$10 More Than Front Gate Parking

Later on, we'll also cover the newly released Speedy Parking option and explain what it is and how it works.

1. General Parking at Six Flags

general parking six flags

General Parking will allow you to park at a spot in the regular parking lot for the day, however, it works on a first-come first-served basis.

This means the later that you arrive at the park, the further that you will be parked from the entrance (as the closer spots have already been filled).

six flags parking lot

2. Preferred Parking at Six Flags

preferred parking six flags

Preferred Parking will grant you access to a designated parking area, where you'll receive a parking spot much closer to the entrance of the park, regardless of what time you plan to arrive.

This option is extremely popular as it's a much shorter walk to the park when you begin your day, and even more importantly, a shorter walk back to your car after a long day at the parks.

To give you a better perspective, we purchased a General Parking Pass on a busy day (when visiting Great Adventure) and parked near the 11th row, which was a 5-10 minute walk to the entrance.

Preferred Parking could have allowed us to park only seconds away from the entrance (in the single-digit rows).

tweety row parking at six flags great adventure

3. Front Gate Parking at Six Flags

front gate parking six flags

A Front Gate Parking Pass guarantees you the closest possible available spot to the entrance of the park at the time of your arrival.

six flags great adventure entrance

A Front Gate Parking Pass is more expensive than a General Parking Pass and Preferred Parking Pass.

4. Valet Parking at Six Flags

six flags valet parking

Valet Parking is perfect for visitors seeking the ultimate laid-back experience.

You'll be able to head directly to the Valet Parking area and drop off your car, and the valet staff will be in charge of safely parking your car and bringing it back to you whenever you decide it's time to leave.

It's important to know that Valet Parking is only available for regular-sized vehicles, larger vehicles such as RV's will not be accepted for Valet Parking.

Speedy Parking is Announced as the Newest Parking Option

six flags speedy parking

Six Flags recently introduced a new parking option for visitors known as Speedy Parking.

Speedy Parking works identically to all of the existing parking options, however, for an additional $5-$10, this option also allows guests to bypass the normal parking queue and significantly reduces the time spent waiting in line at the toll plaza.

Guests can pre-purchase their parking passes online, enter their license plate information, and then use the newly opened designated Speedy Parking lane to enter the park.

Speedy Parking Options include:

  1. General Speedy Parking
  2. Preferred Speedy Parking
  3. Season Long Speedy Parking

Speedy Parking is available for both Daily ticket holders and Six Flags Season Pass holders.

Parking Prices Can Fluctuate During the Year

It's important to know that parking prices may be different depending on the day and season in which you are visiting.

If you're visiting during the Summer (busier season) and on a weekend, prices will be more expensive than if you visited at the beginning of the year on a weekday.

Due to this when you select an upgraded parking option such as Preferred Parking, Six Flags provides you with a calendar to choose the date on which you are planning to visit as prices can vary by day.

six flags parking calendar

You'll also notice some dates are greyed out completely, which means the parking pass that you've selected is sold out for those dates.

Where You Can Purchase a Six Flags Parking Pass

You can purchase a Parking Pass directly from the Six Flags site, the Six Flags app, or in person at the parking toll booth.

It's important to know that you can only purchase Speedy Parking online (through the site or app) as it's not available in person.

Do I Have to Pay For Parking If I Have a Season Pass?

No, parking is included with both the Platinum Season Pass and the Diamond Season Pass, giving Season Pass holders free access for as long as their Season Pass is valid.

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