Kings Island Discount Tickets & Tips

Kings Island will officially open its gates to the general public on Saturday, May 15 2021.

You've just visited Kings Dominion, and now you want to visit its sister park, Kings Island. You type in "Kings Island directions" on Google through your phone. This should be a breeze right? How far away from each other could they possibly be? After all, they both have "Kings" in their name...


Where is Kings Island located?

Although Kings Dominion is located in Doswell, Virginia, Kings Island is actually located in a different state altogether in Mason, Ohio! This is actually one of the most popular misconceptions regarding these theme parks.

In this guide we will be covering everything that you need to know for your trip to Kings Island, including:

  • How to Save Money Buying Tickets
  • When the Park Opens
  • The Best Rides
  • The Best Seats to be in for those Rides
  • Kings Island Kids Rides
  • & more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lets get started tackling a list of our most popular questions. 

What is Kings Island? 

Kings island is a theme park that features 100+ attractions containing over a dozen roller coasters across 364 acres of land. Originally opened in 1972, it is best known in a pair with its sister park, Kings Dominion.

Where can I buy Discounted tickets to Kings Island?

If you are looking for Kings Island discount tickets from a trusted provider, look no further. We've got you covered. Save money and avoid the crowded lines by buying with us.

Our prices always beat the front gate.

Theme Park Center is the official seller of discount theme park tickets across the United States. We’re authorized by Disneyland, Universal, Kings Island, Kings Dominion and dozens of other theme parks and attractions across the country to sell their tickets at a price that always beats the front gate.

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Kings Island tickets prices? Do Kings Island ticket prices stay the same?

Kings Island - One Day Ticket: $45 ($72 at the gate, Save $27)

Prices fluctuate throughout the year based on season and demand. We will update this guide accordingly as soon as we receive more info.

When is Kings Island Open? What are the hours for Kings Island?

Kings Island hours can be found on their official website. We are currently working on a cheat sheet that we will update throughout the year.

How can I check the weather for Kings Island?

A lot of visitors travel from all over the country as well as all over the world. Vacationing can be stressful even just by trying to figure out what the weather for a particular city on a particular day will be. We will help you skip the stress and be on a fast track to enjoying your time. 

Check the Kings Island Weather with one click

What is the address of Kings Island?

6300 Kings Island Dr, Mason, OH 45040

Click here to see this address on Google Maps

Kings Island parking discounts?

As of right now there are not. However, we will update this guide as new promotions and deals occur.

Top 6 Kings Island Rides

6. Invertigo

Kings Islands' Invertigo begins with the coaster going in reverse until you reach a certain height, pausing, and then going forward. This unique ride will give adrenalin seekers hoy especially with the forward and backwards movement. 

5. Backlot Stunt Coaster

Kings Islands' Backlot Stunt Coaster. Deemed a family coaster, this ride introduces itself with a powerful and forceful first launch out of the gate. Through this ride you will encounter road signs, shipping containers, and pyrotechnic effects.

4. Banshee

Kings Islands' Banshee. When this ride opened, it had the honor of being the world's longest inverted coaster. Distinguished for its great color scheme, at a height of 167 feet, and speed of 68 miles per hour, if you are a thrill seeker you will most certainly get your moneys-worth in this aesthetically pleasing ride.

3. The Beast

Kings Islands' The Beast. Another wooden coaster with a height of 110 feet and speed of 64 miles per hours, The Beast is beloved by parkgoers. With a ride duration of 4 minutes, it is known as one of the longer roller coasters in the world. This classic ride has been open since 1979 and is a must-do for visitors.

2. Diamondback

Kings Islands' Diamondback. This ride has a unique experience as it actually goes through the woods into a pitch of darkness, causing the drops' effect to intensify to give the rider an extra boost of airtime. Best seats are located in the 2nd row due to having the freedom to stretch paired with a phenomenal view and feel.

1. Mystic Timbers

Kings Islands' Mystic Timbers. This wooden coaster tops our list proving that classic-feel rides are still alive and well. The first thing that you will notice is this ride contains a great theme with a fresh wooden smell (hence the name themed around a fictional logging company). This ride contains sixteen airtime hills where the best seats are located in the back row.

Kings Island Kids Rides

For families with young kids Planet Snoopy is the perfect place to spend the day. We've written an article focused on Planet Snoopy. Planet Snoopy is a themed area located in a variety of Cedar Fair owned parks such as Kings Island. It replaced Nickelodeon Universe in 2010 with a detailed collection of attractions of all ages, Peanuts themed rides, as well as four roller coasters specifically designed for children.

See a list of all Kings Island kids rides

Kings Island Water Park - Soak City

Soak City is currently closed, however here you will be able to see Kings Island Calendar and hours, the park map and helpful guidelines.

Kings Island Season Pass/Kings Island Gold Pass

A Gold Pass to Kings Island contains a multitude of perks including:

  • Unlimited visits to Kings Island
  • Rewards program - every visit counts towards earning prizes
  • Free Parking
  • Early ride times - up to 30 minutes before the park opens
  • Special discounts on food and merchandise
  • & more!

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