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Kings Island's Winterfest: Everything You Want to Know

Winterfest at Kings Island is one of the most popular yearly events that visitors from all over the world flock to due to its holiday spirit, welcoming environment, and unique experiences.

kings island winterfest

In this page we’ll cover what Winterfest is, when it occurs, the different shows that take place, and how the park changes during this event.

    What is Winterfest

    Winterfest is a seasonal event that occurs near the end of the year at Kings Island, where the park transforms into 'Winterfest'.

    kings island winterfest sign

    The International Street Fountain turns into an ice-skating rink, the Eiffel tower showcases an amazing amount of holiday lights, and once a year rides and shows make their appearance.

    When is Winterfest

    November 25 - December 31, 2022.

    Park Changes During Winterfest

    The first main difference that you'll see from a distance, prior to even entering the park are the amount of holiday lights that are placed everywhere.

    The second are the loud holiday songs that are playing in a loop.

    kings island carousel winterfest

    It brings a very festive and 'warm' feeling for those who look forward to the holiday season every year.

    There are live holiday themed-shows that occur and they even march around the park prior to performing.

    There are holiday decorations in almost every inch of the park, and even popular rides are lit up to follow the theme.

    kings island characters winterfest

    The park has gone through tremendous lengths to transform it to truly give guests that holiday feeling that they enjoy.

    Eiffel Tower Lighting Ceremony

    The Eiffel Tower being lit is simply an experience that you can't miss.

    kings island winterfest eiffel tower

    To kick off Winterfest there is a large park-countdown, and when the tower is finally lit, loud cheers immediately follow and the park finally feels complete.

    This tower is an iconic monument of the park that can be seen from miles away, and its always a unique experience being able to say you were there when it was lit.

    Ice Skating

    One of the long-awaited attractions every year is being able to ice skate over the frozen fountain. You can skate by yourself, friends, or with your family.

    kings island winterfest ice skating rink

    These are 90 minute sessions that occur only at night-time, and often sell out.

    In order to ice skate, guests will need to sign a waiver and bring it to the park. Once that is complete, you will be able to head to the rental booth (located on International Street) to receive your skates.

    Hot Chocolate

    There is no Winterfest without the Famous Blue hot chocolate. Make sure to stop by Blitzen's Hot Beverage bar to enjoy the delicious hot chocolate.

    kings island winterfest hot chocolate

    During Winterfest, temperatures normally drop down and the best way to warm up is with a delicious drink.

    Gift Shops

    Gift shops are also tailored around the holiday season, and they can be found at different points around the park, including International Street and Coca-Cola Bear Plaza.

    kings island winterfest gift shop

    International Street

    • Santa's Little Helpers
    • North Pole Mercantile
    • Peanuts Holiday Gifts
    • Trim A Tree
    • Christmas Collections
    • Build-A-Bear Workshop
    • Candy Cane Café

    Coca-Cola Bear Plaza

    • Custom Christmas Creations(Located in Airbrush)


    There are live performers that are dressed up in Christmas/Holiday costumes all around the park. Some perform on the street, others have their own shows, and some do both.

    kings island shows

    A few shows that you absolutely can't miss include Charlie Brown's Christmas Spectacular, The Milestones, and Coke Polar Party.

    Are the Rides Still Working During This Event?

    The most popular Kings Island rides will still be open during this time, and some will even vary a bit to fit the holiday spirit theme.

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