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Kings Island's Fast Lane Pass: Everything You Need to Know

A Fast Lane pass is the most popular pass at Kings Island.

In this page, we'll explain what a Kings Island Fast Lane Pass is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, and where to buy them.

kings island fast lane

    What is a Fast Lane Pass?

    A Kings Island Fast Lane Pass allows you to skip the regular line, and access a faster line to quickly ride your favorite rides rather than waiting in a long line.

    How to Skip the Line

    After purchasing your pass, you will receive a wristband which will give you access to the 'fast lane lines'.

    All that you have to do is show your wristband to the ride operator in the entrance of the ride.

    kings island fast lane plus

    Fast Lane vs Fast Lane Plus

    Fast Lane allows you quick access to a number of rides, while Fast Lane Plus allows quick access to all of the rides.

    Fast Lane Plus is more expensive than Fast Lane.

    You can find all of the rides that are included in each pass below.

    Included Rides

    Flight of Fear
    Kings Mills Antique Autos
    Mystic Timbers
    Rendezvous Run
    The Beast
    Thunder Falls
    Tropical Plunge
    Zoom Flume
    Adventure Express
    Backlot Stunt Coaster
    Boo Blasters On Boo Hill
    Drop Tower
    Eiffel Tower
    Flying Ace Aerial Chase
    Race for Your Life Charlie Brown
    Shake, Rattle & Roll
    Surf Dog
    The Racer
    Woodstock Gliders

    Price Differences Per Day

    Prices for Fast Lane are normally more expensive on the weekends. However, this doesn't mean weekend prices are the same.

    In fact, Friday and Saturday currently have a pretty noticeable price difference.

    friday fast lane cost kings island



    Depending on which day you're going, you'll want to consider the price differences of those days, as they can make a big difference.

    Know About Fright Lane

    Fright Lane is essentially Fast Lane, but during the Halloween Season. Fright Lane allows you to bypass the regular line one time at each of the Haunted Mazes.

    fright lane kings island

    How it Works

    Guests will receive a Fright Lane lanyard that can only be used on the date it is redeemed.

    Is it Included With Admission

    No. Fast Lane Passes are an additional cost.

    When Should I Get a Fast Lane Pass

    If you're only visiting the park for one day, and the only time that you can go is on the weekend (when the park is most busy), so you'd like to maximize your time.

    Or, if you just hate waiting in lines in general.

    long line

    You'll be able to save time and experience the park without dealing with having to wait in any lines.

    One of the few unavoidable downsides of visiting a theme park, is having to wait in lines.

    The most popular attractions will typically have a line that you will have to wait in, but you can bypass this with a Fast Lane Pass.

    Pro Tip

    Make sure that you are wearing the best shoes for Kings Island.

    One that will provide you with maximum comfort, is lightweight, reliable and perfect for walking as well as standing in lines.

    When Should I Not Get a Fast Lane Pass

    When you're able to visit the park during the weekday, the park is normally less busy, which means less lines.

    If this is the case, you won't need a Fast Lane pass, as it may not be the best investment if the lines are already short.

    Season Pass Fast Lane

    If you're a Kings Island Season pass holder, there's great news for you. You can also buy a season long fast lane pass.

    This means that you can enjoy the perks of barely waiting in line, for not just one day, but the entire season.

    fast lane carowinds season pass

    Where to Buy a Fast Lane Pass

    You can purchase directly from the Kings Island site.

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