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In this guide we'll cover what Halloween Haunt is, how the Kings Island park changes to accommodate it, and everything that you must do when you visit.

halloween haunt kings island

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What is Halloween Haunt?

Halloween Haunt is a limited time event that occurs around the Halloween season featuring Scare Zones, Haunted Houses, shows, and dozens of terrifying monsters strolling around the park.

When night time begins, Halloween Haunt does as well. The park transforms into a halloween themed event, which is ultra popular with park-goers.

Halloween Haunt is intended for those of ages 13+.

kings island halloween haunt

Fun Fact

Halloween Haunt was voted the 'Best Halloween Theme Park Event' in 2018 by USA Today readers.

kings island halloween haunt scary

When Does it Start?

Halloween Haunt in 2021 begins on September 24th - October 30th.

It takes place on Friday and Saturday nights, beginning at 6 pm.

Scare Zones

What are Scare Zones?

Scare Zones are zones in the park that purposefully have less lighting and lots of fog.

international street of fear kings island

In this area 'monsters' (aka workers dressed up in scary costumes) will walk up to you when you least expect it, to try to give you the ultimate scare.

Not all scare zones are the same however, as each scare zone is themed differently, and so are the monsters!

shipwrecked kings island

Scare zones are popular in most theme parks across the country, and it is something that's only available near Halloween season.

Scare zones include Coney Maul, International Street of Fear, Pumpkin Eater and ShipWrecked.

Haunted Houses

What are Haunted Houses?

A scary-themed house/maze full of screams, thrills, and tons of fog where parkgoers can enter.

chaos halloween haunt kings island

Upon seemingly every corner, there are scarers ready to greet you. On top of this, these houses are themed to be as scary as possible. It's safe to say that haunted houses aren't for the faint of heart.

There is also typically very loud music playing to make it hard for visitors to be able to predict where the scarers are.

Can't Miss Mazes/Houses include C.H.A.O.S, Cornered, Slaughterhouse & KillMart.

cornered halloween haunt kings island


The monsters around the park aren't restricted to just scare zones and haunted houses. They also frequently perform shows!

drums of the dead kings island

These shows feature synchronized performances by the monsters, where they will showcase their amazing moves and instrumental skills live.

Drums of the Dead and Monster Rock are shows that you absolutely can't miss.

monster rock kings island

Great Pumpkin Fest

During the day, experience the lighter side of Halloween season through the Great Pumpkin Fest, with many of the same night-time attractions and some not-so-scary daytime fun with the Peanuts Gang.

great pumpkin fest kings island

Kids will be able to swing by dressed up in their halloween costumes and be able to trick or treat or even take part in the PEANUTS costume parade.

Fright Lane

Fright lane is essentially a Fast Lane pass that allows you to skip the lines at Kings Island during the Halloween season.

Halloween Haunt is a popular event that only occurs once a year, so naturally when it finally returns the crowd does as well.

If you hate waiting in lines, or just want to maximize your time, you will definitely want to consider a Fright lane pass.

You can purchase Fright Lane tickets directly from the Kings Island site.

Discount Tickets on Halloween Haunt

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Our prices will always be cheaper than the gate price, and you'll receive your tickets instantly in your inbox.

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