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How To Get Free Parking at CityWalk | 2024 Guide & Tips

While CityWalk itself is largely free parking at CityWalk is another story. With prices stretching over $30, it's an expense we all wish we could skip when visiting the Universal theme parks.

After all, we're already coming to spend money at the movie theater, shopping or dining, so paying an extra expense on top of this is a big chunk of cash!

In this guide we'll detail a few different ways you can get free and discounted parking at both Universal CityWalk in Orlando and Universal CityWalk Hollywood.

Questions We'll Answer About CityWalk Parking:

  • How To Get Free Parking At Universal CityWalk Hollywood
  • How To Get Free Parking at Universal CityWalk Orlando


    Parking sign at Universal Orlando Resort

    Free Parking at Universal CityWalk Orlando

    Annual Pass Free Parking

    If you'll also be visiting Universal Studios Florida and/or Islands of Adventure throughout the year it may be worth considering an annual pass which will get you free parking at CityWalk. 

    Both the Preferred and Premier annual passes include free parking, while the Power Pass will get you 50% off the parking fee.

    The Seasonal Pass offers no discounts or free parking perks.

    It's definitely worth running the numbers to see how much money you would save on parking by purchasing one of these passes if you have multiple visits to Universal Orlando or CityWalk in mind. 

    Parking Toll Booth at Universal CityWalk Orlando

    TIP: Only one person in the vehicle needs to have an annual pass in order to get free parking, so not everyone needs an annual pass or others in the car can have one of the other annual pass tiers.

    After 6PM Free Parking

    The easiest way to get free parking at Universal Citywalk in Orlando is to arrive at 6PM or later. 

    If you arrive anytime after 6PM you'll find the parking attendant booths to be empty with signs instructing you to pass through the gates without paying. It's as simple as that! 

    Arriving after 6PM is by far the simplest and most popular way to get free parking at CityWalk - it's common to see cars pulled off to the side of the streets leading up to CityWalk waiting for the clock to tick past 6PM before heading into the parking area.

    Free parking is available at CityWalk everyday after 6PM except on Halloween Horror Night event days.

    If you'll be visiting CityWalk in September or October be sure to double check the Halloween Horror Nights even calendar to make sure the event isn't taking place, otherwise you'll have to pay for parking no matter when you arrive. 

    Parking entrance to Universal CityWalk Orlando

    Cinemark Movie Tickets

    Free regular parking is available with the purchase of two or more matinee (11AM - 6PM) movie tickets at the Universal Cinemark theater.

    You must first pay for parking when you pass through the parking toll at the entrance of the parking garages and then show your receipt at the box office in order to receive a refund of your parking fee.  

    You must have proof or purchase for the movie tickets and the park receipt. If you forget either you may not be eligible for reimbursement of your parking fee.

    This offer is only good for regular parking and preferred or valet parking is not eligible for reimbursement.  

    Free Parking at Universal CityWalk Hollywood

    Annual Pass Free Parking

    One of the best ways to get free parking at Universal CityWalk Hollywood is to purchase an annual pass, especially if you are interested in visiting Universal Studios Hollywood as well.

    Free parking is only available on the Platinum or Gold annual pass, so if you go this right be sure the pass you pick includes this perk. 

    It's also worth noting that the Platinum or Gold annual passes only get you free General Parking, so you'll need to pay extra if you're hoping to get Preferred Parking, Front Gate Parking or Valet Parking. 

    Valet Parking sign at Universal CityWalk Hollywood

    If you plan to visit Universal Studios multiple times, or go to CityWalk frequently then you should start running the numbers to see if investing in an annual pass will save you money on parking. 

    Only one person in the vehicle needs to have an annual pass in order to get free parking, so not everyone needs an annual pass or others in the car can have one of the other annual pass tiers.

    VIP Experience

    If you plan to do the VIP Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood then it's worth noting you'll get free parking all day at CityWalk! 

    While this is a pricey package, it truly is the ultimate Universal Studios Hollywood experience and even if you leave Universal property and come back later in the day you will be able to use your free parking privileges at CityWalk. 



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