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Universal Studios Hollywood Parking | Guide, Discounts & Tips

General Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood is the most popular parking option, but what exactly is "General Parking" and how does it stack up to the other self-parking options available? 

Parking options at Universal Studios Hollywood aren't always straightforward, but we'll dive into commonly asked questions about General Parking and see if it's worth it to upgrade to another parking option or not. 

Questions We'll Answer About Parking At Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • What Is General Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • How Much Does General Parking Cost?
  • Where Is General Parking?
  • Differences Between General Parking and Preferred Parking
  • Differences Between General Parking and Front Gate Parking
  • What Time Does Parking Open?
  • What Parking Garage Is Closest To The Main Entrance?
  • What Parking Garage Is Best For CityWalk?
  • Parking Discounts & Deals


jurassic parking garage universal studios hollywood

What Is General Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood?

General Parking is going to be your most basic and cheapest option when parking at Universal Studios Hollywood.

It's also the most common parking choice amongst visitors. 

General Parking is scattered across the four parking garages at Universal, named after their beloved movies and characters: Frankenstein Garage, Jurassic Parking Garage, ET Garage, and Curious George Parking Garage.

Occasionally the Woody Woodpecker Lot is used for General Parking, but it is typically reserved for Preferred and Upfront Parking. 

There's no need to figure out which parking garage is best as you will be guided into a garage by Universal Studios Hollywood staff upon arrival. 

universal studios hollywood parking booth

How Much Does General Parking Cost?

Parking rates as of January 2024 are below. Note that some prices do vary depending on when you arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

  • General Parking Before 5 PM: $32
  • General Parking After 5 PM: $10
  • Preferred Parking Before 5 PM: $50
  • Preferred Parking After 5 PM: $20
  • Front Gate Parking: $70

TIP: If you're staying nearby and looking to save money on parking costs, check to see if your hotel offers shuttle service to Universal Studios.

et parking universal studios hollywood


Where Is General Parking?

General Parking is in various locations around Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal CityWalk. While some of the parking garages are close than others, they are all a short 5-10 minute walk to the front gate of Universal Studios Hollywood. 

universal studios hollywood parking map


Because Universal employees will guide you to a parking garage and spot, you can't pick where you'd like to park when using General Parking. There's no need to plan which parking garage is best.

TIP: If you're looking for a closer spot to the park entrance then consider upgrading to Preferred Parking or Front Gate Parking. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance

Differences Between General Parking and Preferred Parking

The main differences between General Parking and Preferred Parking are going to be cost and proximity to the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Preferred Parking is made up of reserved spots typically near the entrance to CityWalk and on the main parking floor which means no stairs, less walking through the garage, and your car is usually in an easy-to-find front row.

Preferred Parking on average will save you around 5 minutes of walking time, but is more expensive than General Parking as outlined below. 

  • Preferred Parking Before 5 PM: $50
  • Preferred Parking After 5 PM: $20
  • General Parking Before 5 PM: $32
  • General Parking After 5 PM: $10

TIP: Learn more about parking options, savings, and tips in our Universal Studios Hollywood Parking ultimate guide

Valet Parking Sign 

Differences Between General Parking and Front Gate Parking

Front Gate Parking is going to give you minimal walking time and as the name alludes to, you're quite literally parking up to the entrance of Universal Studios. 

Front Gate Parking is just feet from the security check and just a few seconds away from the entrance to Universal Studios.

You'll be spending most of the day on your feet, so if you're looking for virtually no walk at the end of your trip then Front Gate Parking is for you. 

Front Gate Parking is even more expensive than Preferred Parking, but the perk of being only a few feet from the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood is priceless for many visitors. 

  • Front Gate Parking: $70
  • General Parking Before 5 PM: $32
  • General Parking After 5 PM: $10

Unlike General and Preferred Parking, Front Gate Parking is a fixed price all day.

TIP: If you're only visiting CityWalk then consider General Parking or Preferred Parking. Front Gate Parking is closest to the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood, but can often be further from most of CityWalk than Preferred Parking.

Frankenstein Parking Garage

What Time Does Parking Open?

The parking garages at Universal Studios Hollywood typically open about 30 minutes before CityWalk opens.

Be sure to check operating hours before you visit to determine how early you can arrive.

What Parking Lot Is Closest To The Main Entrance?

  • Front Gate Parking: Just steps away from the main entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Woody Woodpecker Lot (Preferred Parking): Further than Front Gate Parking, but only an additional 2-3 minutes of walking time
  • Frankenstein Garage & Jurassic Park Garage: These two parking garages are much close than any of the others with some Frankenstein spots being almost as close to the main entrance as the Woody Woodpecker lot.
  • Curious George and E.T. Parking Garages: These two garages are furthest from the main entrance and near the back of CityWalk

Which Parking Option Is Best For CityWalk?

Valet Parking or Preferred Parking are your best bets for visiting CityWalk, but for a quick dinner or a movie General Parking isn't bad at all either.

You won't be spending nearly as much time on your feet in CityWalk as you would visiting Universal Studios, so up close parking isn't nearly the same priority.

However if you want as little hassle as possible when visiting CityWalk then Valet Parking can't be beat.

There's nothing quite like pulling up to CityWalk, handing the parking attendant your keys and heading straight to dinner and a movie. 

Discounts & Deals

Currently, there are no discounts or special offers on parking unless you dine at a CityWalk restaurant, but you can save $10+ per person on Universal Studios Hollywood tickets



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