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Free Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood | Money Saving Tips!

Getting free parking at Universal Studios Hollywood is a huge money saver considering the price of parking is comparable to a meal or a few snacks.

However, free parking comes with its own hassles and we recommend weighing your options carefully before picking a free parking option.

We're here to help decide if finding free parking is truly worth it for your next visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.  

Best Ways To Get Free Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Get An Annual Pass
  • Do The VIP Experience
  • Utilize The Metro Parking Lots
  • Park At The Vineland & Lankershim City Lot


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Annual Pass

One of the biggest perks of buying an annual pass to Universal Studios Hollywood is the free parking!

If you purchase a Platinum or Gold Annual Pass you will receive free General Parking for each visit you make to Universal.

"Welcome To Universal City" Sign

When considering the value of purchasing an annual pass don't forget to factor in free parking.

If you visit Universal Studios multiple times of year you'll quickly save over a hundred dollars in parking fees just by purchasing an annual pass. 

TIP: The Silver and California Neighbor Passes do not include free parking and are worth upgrading to the Platinum or Gold Passes for this perk. 

VIP Experience

vip experience at universal studios hollywood


The VIP Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood comes loaded with perks, one of those being free valet parking. 

If you plan to go big when visiting Universal Studios the VIP Experience will give you minimal (almost zero) wait at any of the rides, a private tour guide, an exclusive look at all of the sets on the backlot as well as catered meals.

While you may be paying more upfront for the VIP Experience the experience is truly unforgettable and just a slice of this premium package includes free valet parking.

TIP: Learn more about parking options, savings, and tips in our Universal Studios Hollywood Parking ultimate guide

Metro Parking Lots

free metro parking near universal studios hollywood

If you plan to take or don't mind taking one of the metro lines to the station near Universal City then you may find free parking available.

Select metro stations have an ample amount of space free to use for the day. 

Metro Line parking lots are strictly for customers only, so if you don't plan to take the Metro line then do not park in of the lots or you risk having your car towed. 

If you had planned to drive straight to Universal Studios, the Metro Line might be worth taking a look especially if you have a lengthy drive.

The Metro Line isn't for everyone, but it might get you to Universal Studios Hollywood faster and cheaper than driving!

Vineland & Lankershim City Lot (Lot 747)

Vineland and Lankershim city lot

The Vinland & Lankershim parking area managed by the county of Los Angeles is about a 30-minute walk from Universal Studios Hollywood.

From 7 AM-9 PM, you can park for free at this location for two hours. 

Parking is also free at this lot during any citywide holiday!

If you exceed the two-hour free limit you can park at Vineland & Lankershim for up to ten hours for only $2.50!

Outside of these hours, there are no restrictions and you can park for free here.

Universal Studios Hollywood Retro Sign

While it's very late and a fair amount of walking, during Halloween Horror Nights you might find value in parking here. 

Be sure to check posted signs for any updated prices, rules, and restrictions as these can change at any time and always be careful when walking for an extended period at night.

The area is generally safe, but you should never walk alone or if you feel uncomfortable. 

We don't recommend going about this way to get free parking at Universal Studios, but it certainly is an option if you can work around any restrictions. 

TIP: Unless you're planning to purchase an annual pass or the VIP Experience then you're better off just paying for parking at Universal Studios Hollywood. 



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