Universal Studios Hollywood Front Gate Parking | Is It Worth It?

Front Gate Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood surely sounds enticing, but with a hefty price tag you're probably asking if it's worth the extra cash. After all the $30+ price difference alone could cover a meal for two at the parks... or almost five Butterbeers! 


universal studios hollywood front gate


Is Front Gate Parking Really At The Front Gate?

Simply put, yes! The majority of Front Gate Parking spaces are located just steps away from the security check-point which is just seconds away from the main entrance.

While you're not literally parking in front of the turnstile, you can just about see them from any Front Gate Parking spot!  

universrsal studios hollywood front gate parking location

In this satellite image you can see the first row of Front Gate Parking, security underneath the white tents and just passed the Universal Studios Globe is the strip of red concrete leading to the main entrance in the top right corner.

How Much Does Front Gate Parking Cost?

Front Gate parking costs $60 as of September 2021. For quick comparison we've listed the price of other Universal Studios Hollywood parking options below:

  • General Parking Before 5PM: $28
  • General Parking After 5PM: $10
  • Preferred Parking Before 5PM: $40
  • Preferred Parking After 5PM: $20

TIP: Unlike General Parking and Preferred Parking, Front Gate Parking is the same price all day and there are no discounts for late arrivals.  

front gate parking at universal studios hollywood

How Do You Buy Front Gate Parking?

Proceed to the main parking entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood as normal. There is no separate entrance for Front Gate Parking. 

When you arrive at the parking toll booths tell the attendant you're interested in Front Gate Parking. After you pay you'll be guided by more parking attendants to the Front Gate parking lot. 

TIP: All parking options including Front Gate Parking must be purchased ay of at the parking booths. There is no option to pay in advance online.

Is Front Gate Parking Better Than Preferred Parking?

In terms of location, Front Gate Parking is absolutely than Preferred Parking.

Almost all Preferred Parking spots require you to walk through the CityWalk shopping complex when Front Gate Parking avoids CityWalk all together. Depending on which parking garage you are sent to you could be looking at a 10+ minute walk to the main entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Front Gate Parking always skips the parking garages which means no stroll through CityWalk and lots of saved time. 

TIP: If you're visiting just for CityWalk or plan to spend some time in the morning at CityWalk then you might want to consider Preferred Parking.

Front Gate parking puts you closest to the main entrance of the park, but CityWalk access can be more convenient with Preferred Parking depending on what restaurants or stores you're going to. 



Are Front Gate Parking Spaces Limited?

Yes! Front Gate Parking spaces are limited and will run out during busy times of year. If you are visiting Universal Studios Hollywood around on or around a major holiday you may need to arrive early to purchase Front Gate Parking. 

When visiting Universal Studios Hollywood on a weekday or during the less busy months of the year you typically won't see Front Gate Parking sold out.

Is Front Gate Parking Worth It?

As mentioned earlier, at $60 Front Gate Parking costs significantly more than Preferred Parking and General Parking, but the convenience it provides is unbeatable. 

VERDICT: If you're looking to run straight to the main entrance or absolutely dreading any sort of walk back to your car after a long day then Front Gate Parking is absolutely worth it. 

If you don't mind a short walk and don't need to be just a few seconds away from the main entrance or plan to spend some time on the far end of CityWalk at Margaritaville or Bucca Di Beppo then we'd recommend Preferred Parking instead.