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Free Disneyland Parking | Best Spots & How-To Guide

 With the price of Disneyland Parking only going up, finding free parking at Disneyland (or nearby) can be a massive money saver.

In our Free Disneyland Parking Guide, we'll cover all the best ways to get free parking at Disneyland, as well as where you might be able to find free parking just a short walk away.

What We'll Cover About Free Parking At Disneyland:

  • Do Disneyland Cast Members Get Free Parking?
  • Is Handicap Parking Free?
  • How To Get Free Parking at Disneyland
  • Free Parking Nearby Disneyland


Small World Sign with Ride in the Background

Do Disneyland Cast Members Get Free Parking?

One of the easiest ways to get free parking at Disneyland is to make friends with a Cast Member because they get free parking at the resort!

When a Disneyland Cast Member shows their employee identification card at any of the Disneyland parking areas they will be granted free parking. 

This applies only to the vehicle the Cast Member is in and does not apply to any other vehicles that may be part of the Cast Member's party.

There is no cap on how many people a Cast Member can bring into Disneyland's parking structures for free as long as everyone is in the same vehicle. 

Mickey Parking Structure Sign

Is Handicap Parking Free?

Handicap parking is not free at any Disneyland and the fees are the same as the general parking spots.

This applies to each of the parking areas at the Disneyland Resort (Simba Lot, Pixar Pals, Toy Story Lot, Mickey & Friends). 

Handicap Parking is located in more accessible parts of the parking garage closer to elevators as well as entrances and exits, but you will still have to pay the normal parking fee in order to use these spots. 

A government-issued handicap parking permit or placard must be shown in order to use handicap parking!

Disneyland Parking Garages Directional Sign

How To Get Free Parking at Disneyland

Outside of knowing or becoming a Disneyland cast member to receive free parking privileges, there are only two ways to get free parking. 

The most straightforward way to get free parking is by purchasing an Inspire Magic Key to receive free parking. The Inspire Magic Key is the highest tier of Magic Key and is the only Magic Key that includes free parking. 

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Sign

The Believe and Enchant Keys (the other two Magic Key types) only provide a discount on the price of parking, but may be more worthwhile depending on how often and when you plan to visit Disneyland.  

There are no multi-day tickets, special "parking passes" or promotions currently offering free parking when purchased.

The other way to get free parking at Disneyland is to become a Club 33 member or have a reservation to enter the club. Becoming a Club 33 member is no easy feat as you'll need to join a lengthy waiting list as well as pay upwards of $10,000 per year to maintain your membership. 

Mickey's Funwheel

If you're set on visiting Disneyland multiple times a year and want to avoid parking fees, then consider at least one Inspire Magic Key for your group! Even if only one person in a vehicle has the Inspire Magic Key everyone will be able to enjoy the free parking benefits. 

Free Parking Nearby Disneyland

There are also just a few opportunities to get free parking near Disneyland, but not necessarily on the property. 

A handful of hotels within walking distance of Disneyland offer free parking when you have a reservation at their property. This is unlike the hotels at Disneyland which charge an additional fee for parking on top of the reservation price. 

Downtown Disney Parking Area On Map

There is also free parking available on some of the streets around the Disneyland Resort. 

You'll have better luck finding these streets which do not have metered restrictions or resident-only requirements closer to the Simba Parking Lot and Downtown Disney area.

Be sure to double-check posted signs for rules and restrictions about parking in these areas - the rules can vary greatly from one street to the next!



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