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Is Universal CityWalk Free? | Expenses To Expect!

With just about everything at theme parks these days costing a lot of money, it's common to ask if CityWalk is paid or free experience.

Our CityWalk guide will walk you through everything you need to know about what's going to be free and what's going to cost you money when heading to the famous entertainment complex!

Questions We'll Answer About Universal CityWalk:

  • Is Universal CityWalk Hollywood Free?
  • Is Universal CityWalk Orlando Free?

 Universal CityWalk Sign

Is Universal CityWalk Hollywood Free?

Universal CityWalk Hollywood is free - sort of!

It's technically free to get into Universal CityWalk Hollywood as there is no admission fee or ticket required to enter, however there are a few catches.

First, other than browsing the shops and taking a few laps around the complex there isn't much to do that doesn't require spending money.

Universal Cinema Sign

You'll of course have to pay to dine at any of the restaurants at CityWalk or watch a movie which are the two biggest attractions at CityWalk outside of shopping at the merchandise stores. 

In most cases you'll also find yourself needing to pay for parking at CityWalk which isn't cheap. Luckily there are a few ways to get free parking!

With these things in mind you can see why, that despite there being no cost to physically enter CityWalk, you'll likely end up spending money when arrive in some form.

We find most of the fun to be had at CityWalk Hollywood comes at a price. Given it's small footprint it's a difficult place to spend a few hours without spending any money at all.

Universal CityWalk Orlando makes a better of a free experience though given it's size and more flexible free parking options.

Universal CityWalk Orlando Entrance

Is Universal CityWalk Orlando Free?

Similar to Universal CityWalk Hollywood, Universal CityWalk Orlando is free, but with a few catches.

There is no price or ticket required to enter Universal CityWalk Orlando, so as long as you arrive past 6PM you won't have to pay for parking and will be able to access CityWalk for free!

Note that free parking after 6PM is only offered on evenings that do not have Halloween Horror Nights scheduled to take place. There are a handful of other ways to get free parking at CityWalk Orlando though to consider. 

CityWalk Orlando is a massive dining, shopping and entertainment complex, so if you're able to get free parking and just looking to window shop and enjoy the atmosphere then you can easily burn a couple of hours here without spending money.

Back To The Future Outtatime Escape Room Sign

However, most of the fun at CityWalk is going to come by spending money. Whether you're watching a movie, playing mini-golf or even taking part in an escape room you'll find yourself spending a bit money.

You should also be prepared to pay a bit of a premium for these activities compared to mini-golf or an escape room anywhere else. Because CityWalk is such a popular tourist destination you'll find prices marked up a bit. 

This is also true with restaurants at CityWalk. Expect to pay a bit more here than at a comparable restaurant not located in the vicinity of major theme park. 

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Exterior Across Water

If you're looking for an entirely free experience then you do have options at CityWalk Orlando and can have a pretty good time as well.

CityWalk has tons of shops to browse as well as free entertainment and a generally fun atmosphere. You'll also find some of the clubs/bars offering no cover charges as well on certain days of the week giving you another free thing to do.

While CityWalk Hollywood is a bit difficult to enjoy as a free destination, we find CityWalk Orlando to be a much better experience if you're looking to keep your wallet closed!



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