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Are Tickets Needed For Universal CityWalk Orlando? | Paid & Free Activities!

Nearly everything in Orlando required a ticket or advanced reservation to access these days, including the Universal theme parks! 

In this CityWalk Guide, we'll dive into everything you need to know about ticketed entry into CityWalk in Orlando, as well as what other fees you should prepare for when visiting. 

Questions We'll Answer About Universal CityWalk In Orlando:

  • Do You Need Tickets For Universal CityWalk in Orlando?
  • What Kind Of Fees Can You Expect At Universal CityWalk Florida?

  Universal Orlando Resort Sign

Do You Need Tickets For Universal CityWalk in Orlando?

Unlike Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure or Volcano Bay theme parks, you do not need tickets to enter Universal CityWalk in Orlando.

The only times you may need tickets to enter Universal CityWalk is for special ticketed events occurring in CityWalk, not Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure!

These events don't occur all too often, but the biggest of which is the New Year's Eve party which closes off most of CityWalk to general guests (but still has some areas accessible for free).

Attractions directional signage at CityWalk

While you don't need tickets to enter CityWalk, there are quite a few attractions at CityWalk you will need to pay for, as well as general fees, like parking, which you should be prepared for!

While Universal CityWalk Florida is free to walk around and explore, it's very likely you're going to be spending money when you visit. 

We dive into all of the fees and expenses you can expect next time you visit Universal CityWalk Florida in the next section!

Toothsome's Chocolate Emporium from across the lake

What Kind Of Fees Can You Expect At Universal CityWalk Florida?

The biggest fee you should expect to fee when heading to Universal CityWalk is parking. 

If you'll be visiting during the day then you'll likely won't be able to avoid paying the parking fee, but the good news is there are a few ways you can get complimentary parking at CityWalk.

The most common way to avoid the parking fees at CityWalk is by visiting after 6PM when the parking fees are lifted for all visitors. This is applicable all nights and weekends except for Halloween Horror Nights event dates.

Hard Rock Cafe Building Exterior

Be sure to double-check check you aren't visiting during Halloween Horror Nights event day (most days beginning September through October) if you're hoping to get free parking! 

Outside of paying for parking, there are a few activities at Universal CityWalk which you will need to pay for in order to experience.

The most popular activities you will need to pay for at Universal CityWalk include:

Back to the Future Outatime Universal Escape Room

Outside of these activities, there is still plenty you can do for free including CityWalk's Rising Star and enjoying the "street entertainment" and concerts that take place on the CityWalk main stage. 

While CityWalk is free to enter and doesn't require a separate ticket, there are still plenty of activities that cost money, but there are also plenty that are free to enjoy! 

If you can avoid the parking fees at CityWalk then it's always a great place to enjoy a night out - from great dining options, to free entertainment and more! 



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