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Universal Studios Hollywood Parking | Guide, Savings & Tips

Universal Studios Hollywood has a variety of parking options ranging in cost from $10 all the way up to $60. 

With so many options available you'll want to determine ahead of time which parking option is best for you, and of course how to save some money along the way. 

Our Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Guide will walk you through all of the parking options!

Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Topics We'll Cover:

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Options Explained

Tips & Savings


jurassic park garage at universal studios hollywood

What Are The Parking Options At Universal Studios Hollywood?

There are four parking options available at Universal Studios Hollywood: General Parking, Preferred Parking, Front Gate Parking and Valet Parking.

General Parking is the standard and most common option, while Preferred, Front Gate and Valet are premium options with a higher price. 

woody woodpecker lot at universal studios hollywood


How Much Does Parking Cost at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Prices vary depending on which parking option you choose and when you arrive at Universal Studios. The prices below are current as of October 2022.

General Parking Prices

  • General Parking Before 5PM: $30
  • General Parking After 5PM: $10

Preferred Parking Prices

  • Preferred Parking Before 5PM: $50
  • Preferred Parking After 5PM: $20

Front Gate Parking Prices

  • Front Gate Parking: $60

Valet Parking prices vary depending on length of stay with discounts also available with validation from a qualifying Universal CityWalk restaurant. 

Standard Valet Parking Prices

  • First 2 Hours: $25 
  • After 2 Hours: $50

Prices With Validation from CityWalk Full-Service (table service) Restaurant

  • 0 - 2.5 Hours: $10
  • 2.5 - 3.5 Hours: $15
  • 3.5 Hours: $50

What Time Does Parking Open?

The parking garages at Universal Studios Hollywood typically open about 30 minutes before CityWalk opens. Be sure to check operating hours before you visit to determine how early you can arrive. 

universal studios hollywood parking garage


TIP: Arriving early doesn't always mean a better parking spot! Universal Studios employees will load the parking garages to optimize traffic flow which means you can be placed anywhere!

If you're hoping for the best parking spots then definitely consider a premium parking option.

General Parking Explained

General Parking is the cheapest and most common parking option at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

General Parking is best for those who don't mind up to a ten minute walk (though often much shorter) to the main entrance of Universal Studios.

The General Parking spots are scattered across the major parking garaged which include the Jurassic Park garage, Curious George garage, Frankenstein garage and ET garage.

jurassic parking garage universal studios hollywood

TIP: The Frankenstein and Jurassic Park garages are closest to the main entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood, but you do not get to pick which garage to park at with General Parking. Universal Studios employees will guide you to whichever garage is open at your time of arrival.

General Parking is great option for most visitors and the walk never feels too long especially with so much to look at when strolling through CityWalk in the beautiful Southern California weather.

Preferred Parking Explained

Preferred Parking is a premium parking option perfect for those who are only hoping to walk 3-5 minutes to the front entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Most Preferred Parking spots are at the Woody Woodpecker parking lot detailed in the photo below.

preferred parking spot at universal studios hollywood

Not only are Preferred Parking spots closer to the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood, the spots are in a flat parking lot which means less time going up and down an elevator at the parking garages.

It's also much easier to find your car at the end of the day! 

Occasionally one of the parking garages may be used for Preferred Parking, but this is only when the Woody Woodpecker Lot is filled to capacity on some of the busiest days. 

Front Gate Parking Explained

Front Gate is the most expensive parking option at Universal Studios Hollywood, but its convenience can't be beat.

As you'll see in the picture below, Front Gate Parking is steps away from the security checkpoint at Universal Studios.

universrsal studios hollywood front gate parking location

The white tents are the security checkpoint and the cars just below them are in the Front Gate Parking spots! 

TIP: Front Gate Parking has very limited capacity, so don't arrive too late in the day if this is something you want to take advantage of! 

Valet Parking Explained

Valet Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood

Valet Parking is located at Jurassic Park garage on the ground floor. The Jurassic Park is great because of its location right in the middle of CityWalk near some of the most popular restaurants.

Valet Parking isn't as close to the main entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood as Preferred Parking or Front Gate Parking, but you get hand off your keys to a parking attendant and be on your way to your destination! 

TIP: Valet Parking is perfect if you'll be having a meal or watching a movie at CityWalk because of it's central location

What Parking Lot Is Closest To The Main Entrance?

  • Front Gate Parking: Just steps away from the main entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Woody Woodpecker Lot (Preferred Parking): Further than Front Gate Parking, but only an additional 2-3 minutes of walking time
  • Frankenstein Garage & Jurassic Park Garage: These two parking garages are much close than any of the others with some Frankenstein spots being almost as close to the main entrance as the Woody Woodpecker lot.
  • Curious George and E.T. Parking Garages: These two garages are furthest from the main entrance and near the back of CityWalk

Which Parking Option Is Best For CityWalk?

Valet Parking or Preferred Parking are your best bets for visiting CityWalk, but for a quick dinner or a movie General Parking isn't bad at all either.

You won't be spending nearly as much time on your feet in CityWalk as you would visiting Universal Studios, so up close parking isn't nearly the same priority.

However if you want as little hassle as possible when visiting CityWalk then Valet Parking can't be beat.

There's nothing quite like pulling up to CityWalk, handing the parking attendant your keys and heading straight to dinner and a movie. 

Parking Discounts

Discounts are available for Valet Parking as well as General Parking. Valet Parking is discounted with validation from a CityWalk full-service restaurant while General Parking is discounted with purchase of a movie ticket from Universal Cinema.

Prices With Validation from CityWalk Full-Service (table service) Restaurant

  • 0 - 2.5 Hours: $10
  • 2.5 - 3.5 Hours: $15
  • 3.5 Hours: $50

$5 General Parking Deal

  • Present your parking receipt at the ticket booth or guest service desk after purchasing a movie ticket to be refunded the difference in what you paid. Note that the $5 parking offer is only valid for General Parking and you must show proof a movie ticket purchase as well as your parking receipt.  

By purchasing in advance online you can save $10+ per person on Universal Studios Hollywood tickets. Which helps you save even more money than some of these parking deals!

Is Electric Vehicle Charging Available?

Yes, Universal Studios Hollywood does have Electric Vehicle parking spots with chargers available. 

If you need to charge your EV while visiting Universal just let the parking attendant at the toll booth know and they will help guide you to the nearest charging station.

Note that you can only park in Electric Vehicle spots if you actually have an EV. 

Below you can find an outline of where the EV Parking spots are available at Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • Frankenstein Garage: 4 charging stations on Level 2 and Level 7
  • Jurassic Park Garage: 8 charging stations on Level 1 and B1M
  • ET Garage: 16 charging stations on Level B1
  • Woody Woodpecker Lot: 1 charging station near the Front Gate Parking
  • Curious George Garage: 2 charging stations on Level 1



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