Best Day to Visit Hollywood Studios | Tips You Must Know

In this page we'll go over the best day to visit Hollywood Studios, the best time of the day to visit, the best season to visit & even the worst season to visit along with reasons why.

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Best Day to Visit

The best day to visit Hollywood Studios are on a weekday, in particular Monday-Wednesday. Previously, you'd want to avoid Fridays and Sundays due to Extra Magic Hours, and even though these extra magic hours are no longer ongoing, you'll still want to stay away from the weekends.

Hollywood Studios is one the smaller parks of the 4 at 152 acres (EPCOT is 300 acres), which means on crowded days, it will feel even more crowded than it actually is.

This makes the day that you decide to visit even more important. 

Best Time of Day to Visit

Like every other Disney park, the best time to visit will always be in the morning, as soon as the park opens.


You'll want to double check the Hollywood Studios park hours in order to make sure that you arrive at a proper time.

Ideally, you'd want to arrive 30 minutes prior to the park opening.

This will provide you with the best chance of being one of the first to enter the park, and you can head directly to your must-do activities in your bucket list.

Normally the park doesn't fill up until a few hours after opening, so don't be intimidated if there are already people waiting before you.

You'll still typically have several hours at the park at a laid back pace that you can enjoy.

Where to go First

Ideally once you arrive to the park once it opens, you'll head to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge first, in order to experience one of the most popular areas and best rides of the park before it fills up.

We've created a massive Hollywood Studios tips guide with more tips just like these.

Best Season to Visit

The Florida weather can be brutal for those that aren't used to the sunshine state. Not only is there sunshine year-round, there's also a ton of humidity.

Spring can be a great season to visit due to the cooler weather and lighter crowds.

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Specifically in the May timeframe, right before any holidays such as Spring Break and Memorial day weekend.

There's normally a dead period in terms of crowds right before these holidays, as everyone is planning their vacation during the actual holidays.

Regardless, Hollywood Studios has many areas where guests can avoid the heat temporarily and cool off. This can be from just waiting in lines (inside), or visiting the different countries in World Showcase.

Underrated Season to Visit

Fall is one of the most overlooked seasons to visit! If you visit near Halloween, the park will go to through tremendous lengths to match the Halloween spirit.

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The park will be filled with Halloween decorations, the characters will be wearing Halloween-themed costumes, and there are even limited time rides and events that pop up!

If you're not the biggest fan of Halloween, you can visit in November the week before Thanksgiving. 

The Halloween celebrations will have ended by this point, and the Thanksgiving crowds will not appear for another week or two. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the park with minimal crowds.

Worst Season to Visit

Summer is normally the season that you'd want to avoid if you're focused on not dealing with big crowds.

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During the summer, most kids are out of school and on vacation, the weather is sunny and hot, which means parents will take off of work in order to plan an amazing vacation in the Sunshine state.

This naturally will bring in larger crowds to the park, which means more lines to wait in, and you may ride less rides than you were expecting as a result.

On the flip side, if you're not used to the Florida heat, it may be a tad bit too hot for a period of time until you become accustomed to it.

Summer time is often the hottest time, so if you do decide to go at this time, you'll want to protect your skin with sunscreen and ensure you remain hydrated!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Day of the Week is Best to go to Hollywood Studios?

Any weekdays is a great time to visit Hollywood Studios, but if we had to choose, we'd visit in the middle of the week on a Tuesday or Wednesday, in order to maximize your chances of dealing with smaller crowds.

What Days are Busiest at Hollywood Studios?

The weekends are normally the busiest days at Hollywood studios, in particular on Saturdays and Sundays. Most visitors plan their trip on their weekends, as that is when they are off work and the kids are out of school. Naturally, the park also fills up around the holiday season for this reason.