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Guest Relations at Hollywood Studios: All You Need to Know

If you ever need support or your questions answered by an actual person (rather than a machine), you'll want to head to Guest Relations.

In this page, we will explain where Guest Relations is located, what services they provide, what items you need to have when you go there, and when they are open.

Where is Guest Relations at Hollywood Studios?

Guest Relations can be found in two locations.

The main one is on the left hand side of the Hollywood Studios entrance, and the other is at the park entrance window.

guest relations at hollywood studios

We'd recommend heading to the Guest Relations on the left side of the entrance, as in our experience it's a much quicker process.

Additionally, it's very easy to get to, as it is off to the side and is the only building in that area.

disney hollywood studios entrance

What Do You Need to Have at Guest Relations?

Typically when you're visiting Guest Relations for anything related to tickets or dining reservations, you'll need the following items:

  • Driver's License
  • Proof of Purchase (actual ticket or confirmation email)
  • Proof of Reservation

guest relations hollywood studios sign

Why Do People Go to Guest Relations?

Most visitors head to Guest Relations to change the name on their ticket, if their ticket isn't properly working, reservation changes, or if they'd like to upgrade their ticket to a park hopper.

hollywood studios ticket

Other reasons to visit include to find out more about:

  • If you lost an item, and need to check Lost and Found
  • Assistance for International Guests, including currency exchange
  • Accessibility information
  • Separated Guest assistance
  • Services for Guests with Disabilities
  • Dining Reservations

When is Guest Relations Open?

Guest Relations has the same hours as the Hollywood Studios park.

This means that if the park is open, Guest Relations is as well.

You'll want to check the Disney Hollywood Studios hours to know what time that is, as hours are not the same throughout the year.

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