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How to Get From Hollywood Studios to Disney Springs | Explained

Knowing how to travel from each Disney property to the other can get a bit overwhelming for new visitors.

In this page, we'll go over the best way of how to get from Hollywood Studios to Disney Springs.

How to Get From Hollywood Studios to Disney Springs

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How to Get From Hollywood Studios to Disney Springs

The best way to get from Hollywood Studios to Disney Springs is to take the Disney bus to Disney's Port Orleans Resort, then exit the bus, and take a boat at the resort directly to Disney Springs. The boat ride is extremely relaxing, the ambiance can't be beat, and even jazz music is playing throughout the ride.

hollywood studios exit transportation sign

When you're exiting the park, you'll see the sign above that will let you know that buses can be found towards the right.

You can simply follow the signs when exiting the park until you arrive at the bus stop.

Disney Bus to Port Orleans Resort

The Disney buses are complimentary for all guests, which means that they are free of charge, even if you don't stay at a Disney hotel.

Where Can I Find the Disney Buses?

These buses can be found once you exit the park, after passing the Skyliner station.

Once you've passed the Skyliner station, you will see numbered bus stops.

Above the numbers, it will state where that particular bus goes.

When you have found the bus that says Disney's Port Orleans Resort, you can wait at that numbered bus stop.

How Do The Buses Work?

There will be a giant sign that contains the different Disney resorts, and other theme parks (like EPCOT), and each one will be assigned a number.

disney buses from hollywood studios to disney springs

You'll simply find the number assigned to EPCOT, and then you can head to that stop and wait for the bus to arrive.

Something to be aware of is Disney buses come around every 20 minutes, so if the bus is not there when you get there, chances are that you'll have to wait a few minutes until the next one shows up.

Many guests forget to factor this into their itinerary for the day.

Disney's Port Orleans Resort Boat Ride 

The “Sassagoula River Cruise” will be the boat ride that you'll be looking for.

It is a free service which ferries guests from the Port Orleans resorts all the way down the river to Disney Springs.

It is approximately 20 minutes long.

Hours of Operation

10 am - 11 pm.

Similarly to the buses, the boats make their rounds every 20 minutes, so if it is not there when you arrive, you'll simply need to wait a few more minutes.

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